1. zmaster

    full power of youth

    who is the youngest on these forums im 15 (so i win by default)
  2. S

    Power level Changer for esf 1.2.3

    Hello new here, I was wondering if anybody has and can post a working link to the power level changer for esf 1.2.3, much thanks.
  3. U

    Power Struggle Question????

    I don't know if this has been answered already or not, but has it been confirmed that when are in a power struggle the beams from both player increase in size over time as well as the center? Also, will the explosion increase in damage and AOE? The reason I ask is remember back in 1.1 where...
  4. A

    [ESF 1.2.3/ECX RC2] Edit power levels?

    I tried searching through five pages via the 'search' with no help. A few years ago I remember having each human player's power level increase upon death... I also think I may have increased the power given by the dragon balls. My question is, is this still possible with the newer versions of...
  5. I

    Increase Power Level, LBZ style?

    I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with LBZ aka Lemming Ball Z but I think it would be cool if ESF had LBZ's style of power level increasing. Where you can charge your Ki to boost base power level but doing so depletes your fatigue. having your fatigue drop to 0 makes your character...
  6. B

    Training For More Power Idea

    I've been thinking about an idea here. In dbz Goku and Vegeta and the others were training to get power so i was thinking. What about in Esf:Final being able to gain power by blasting beams, hitting and kicking out in the air until your energy runs out one or serveral times and then you get...
  7. Raine

    Explosion Size : Power Level and Mod Compatability

    One of the things that bother me the most about ESF is how power level barely effects explosion size. In my opinion, the higher someones power level is the bigger their explosions should be. I do of course think there should be a cap but the fact that its not possible to use explosions on...
  8. Marko1234567888

    About power

    When you are charging your KI,It will be good if as much as KI you charge,more power is around you :D
  9. Deathshot

    Germany decides to abandon nuclear power by 2022

    "BERLIN – Germany's coalition government decided early Monday to shut down all of the country's nuclear power plants by 2022, a policy change prompted by Japan's nuclear disaster, the environment minister said. Meanwhile, the country's seven oldest reactors taken off the grid pending safety...
  10. IFlip92

    Aura size increasing along with power level

    As the title says I always thought that the aura size increases slightly but noticeably around the characters when their power levels increase in the show. It would be really nice to see that in the game :). Makes you feel more powerful and also balances things a lil bit as u can spot a powerful...
  11. LOPAO

    Stamina Property/ Power increase

    Hi again:D This will be somthing easy to make .. In the combo and when punch the stamina decrease in functon of the combo how difficult if it or how many punch have. Power increase: Yes, in the punch the power increase and i'm not refering at the power points and at the blue line No't the...
  12. EvolutionX

    Power Level?!

    Hey guys. It just come in my mind to me a nice suggestion. In ESF 1.2.x when you get killed, your PL is growing or decreasing. So i have a suggestion for ESF:F, when a Saiyan is get killed, after that his powerlevel is higher, but when other person is killed "Like Buu, Krillin" the powerlevel is...
  13. U

    Power struggle effects

    There are some effects on my idea, which I could not see in any videos or pictures. This should only happen with big ki attacks against eachother. -Big Power Struggle: In the anime when teen gohan and cell powerstruggle, cell will lose and get's absorbed with the power which he will dissapear...
  14. B

    Power Gig: Rise of the Six String Guitar

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3XIfFAwIfo I'll just put this here. Edit: Oh, and this isn't a thread to talk about how horrible the guitar is; it's to talk about the game.
  15. T

    Lil help please!

    hey guys, i was wondering ever since i started playing this game (gosh, thats about..what? 3-4 years ago? maybe more?) was how do i make it so that say, when my goku has a pl of over 2mil and i add new bots that have like 800k and i wind up dying, i loose a good portion of my power. its quite...
  16. M

    Power Gig: Rise of the Six Strings

    Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/62713 A Guitar Hero-esque video game with an actual guitar?!
  17. M

    Why i cant ssj4?

    Hi All i transform since the ssj3...why i can't trasform in ssj4??? pls !! have have power point
  18. M

    How to trasform ssj?

    Help How i can trasform in ssj?? pls help!
  19. hleV

    Power Struggle Winner Dependance

    Will the winner of Power Struggle depend on how much powerlevel/Ki/stamina both opponents have? Or will it depend on by how well you manage to control your beam? I mean... why would anyone do a Power Struggle if he's weaker than the opponent? Will there be a multiple Power Struggle option...
  20. S

    A option to grant power to someone else?

    Maybe adding a feature so you can go is heal mode. Like when someone is inside a power struggle they can stand next to him and press a key. They will then give him KI when he needs it. It would be cool :P Or something like this: Dende's healing power