1. Denz

    What was your first personal computer?

    Now if I don't count Commodore 64, my first one was PC 386/486 if I remember good. It had DOS and few games on it, I even knew commands and what not to hacks in it to play them, now that knowledge faded away.. What about you? Share your history!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Kaination

    Chrome vs Firefox, want personal opinions.

    So lately, I've been thinking, hey, I ******* LOVE Google, but I want to try out their chrome. what would be some advantages or disadvantages users have experienced from using both? which do you use? I want personal experiences, not "WELL GOOGLE IS GOOGLE AND ITS BETTAR HURRR"
  3. G

    Tifa Lockhart - personal project - work in progress

    Hi all, Maybe some of you guys remember my old threat from 2005 here regarding same character creation, Tifa Lockhart? As you may noticed I usually do not post on forums anymore, but coz this character was done here by me 5 years later, why not, I decided to give it another try now that I...
  4. Promiscuous Girl

    What's your personal sleeper hit(s) ?

    Of course, the natrual success of your sleeper hit is irrelevant. What matters here is only in reference to your personal satisfaction-- meaning a game you underestimated, never hyped up or got caught in hype, ect.-- Only for it to blow you away, after giving it a chance. Thus, making it your...
  5. S

    Personal training.

    I would like for someone to contact me and help me with my ESF training. Please PM me your AIM name if you are willing to help me. Thank you.
  6. Ashur

    K my personal advice to the codlers...

    Well lets take esf sprites.. Charge for exact... What do we have... 1 sprite... Usualy just spins and cicles... Or just dead and freazzed...... So what am i sugesting? Well i sugest make a charge consist of 2 sprites... What i mean? Well Sprite 1 will start and go until the beam is fully...
  7. S

    first try at a personal logo...

    well yeah i want a logo for me, so i made this, i need crits, if its anygood, and if it works, if it isnt successful as a logo i'll be makin a new one most likely
  8. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Personal Project Help - Stereotypical jokes

    Lets begin with saying what's a personal project. At grade ten (in any schools that follow the Middle Year Program [MYP]) each student has to choose to make some project, make it, present it on a special evening to the school and finnaly make a written essay. My Personal Project is to make a...
  9. B

    personal wallpaper

    i ran out of wallpapers, so i made one myself nothing too fancy.. its 1280*1024 pixels (my res), only used 5 layers... and the psd was only 2MB, 30 mins of work
  10. I

    help with personal logo

    I have the logo i want but i just dont know what to do or where to put it i think i have to have someone host it or somptin? help :( :( :(
  11. Deman

    My personal challenge to !XxShAdOwxX!

    you mentioned me and you having a bout in Fight Club in IRC the other day. Well, here is your chance!
  12. C

    Personal power-up sounds

    I had a great idea... Instead of the power-up WAV being the same for all the characters, how about making a different one for each character. I mean put in actual pwerup sounds from the show into the game along with screamng or any power-up moment from dbz?? I mean its getting kinda boring...
  13. Shuyin

    My Naruto Pic

    Okay, First time ive ever done a proper drawing using flash animation. I thought i'd do my personal fav Kakashi :smile: what do you think?
  14. S

    K heres a list of the characters that could be in the game not 'should" for personal

    reasons either. (well some but i will make it fair for every char i will make a LONG list of the coulds. Good guys: Tenshinhan Yamucha Trunks & Goten Bad Guys: Cooler (well theres a model of him) Brolli Good guy whys Tenshinhan: Tenshinhan has many attacks and has...
  15. Twilight

    Twilight Productions Projector

    This is the projector for the flash movie im making for my personal site. The basic layout is near complete, check it out and lemme know what suggestions you have.
  16. Sonic the Vampire

    Personal Troubles... I'm looking for well thought out input.

    Alright, I've got a situation, and I'm wondering what some of the older members of the community think about it. No, not older as in having registered on the forums a long time ago, but older as in age-wise. I'm looking for 16 year olds +, particularly those who have been in these kinds of...
  17. M

    How to Choose a personal ICON not from the Forum`s List?

    please tell me what do I need to do if I want to put in the personal ICON my icon and not one of your forum`s list what should I do? ( I already have this ICON on an http............... now what?? ............... ) ? In other word where is the text box where I enter the adress of my...
  18. S

    3 New Models coming !!!

    Hey There, The Dragonball Warriors team is working on 3 new models: Chibi Trunks Goten (Battle Damage + Non BD) Gotenks and maybe we will somehow the first ever made fusion in ESF... How why and if I will leave a secret for now but if it all works out, you'll be soon playing a whole...
  19. dudeman

    Serial Expiriment Lain WP's

    ive been watching SEL lately.. and whenever i watch an anime i start making wps of it :) the first one is kinda ****ed by the noise.. i wanted to remove it cuz i didnt like it but it was already too late :cry:
  20. L

    gohan from histroy of trunks movie

    i was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a model of gohan from the dbz movie "history of trunks".... he looks like adult gohan in the buu saga, but he gets his arm shoot off by androids 17 and 18... if you can just get the adult gohan model and give give a lot of battle damage and...