1. Mr. Satans

    Earthbound Art Contesht

    w00t! An art conest! We're looking for an Earthbound themed banner (780 Wide X 130 High) and/or a small link button, which can be animated. So basically this contest has 2 parts; one for the banner and one for the small link button. Which means one person could win the banner contest and...
  2. M

    BETA 1.2 outline? whats that means?

    "If your looking for the beta 1.2 outline, it can now be found in the help section of the site." well, where is it??? how to find the adress? I havent seen any "*STUCKED*" thread that is about this thing! so please make one for everyone that is interested!!!!! AND\OR respond me...
  3. V

    some questions about the 1.2 outline

    heres the outline http://home.student.utwente.nl/h.vanwelbergen/esf/beta1_2.html and my questions are: what is ment by 9-way bening, does that refure to the beams or modles? and what is pumping PS?
  4. S

    beta 1.2 outline!!!

    What can i say, cool! Is walljumps the new secret feature of 1.2?
  5. J


    I wanna take one part of an image and put it on a complely new image how can i do this on paintshop pro
  6. Mog

    B1.1 OUTLINE (for newcomers and regulars)

    i was gonna post this as a reply in a thread but decided it was too long and would be far better as a new thread. anyway, i hope everyone who still doesnt know whats coming in esf beta 1.1 gets to read this... many people still think its a minor update... :rolleyes: i think ive done...
  7. AscendantSaiyan

    Beta 1.1 Outline

    Here is an attempt to stop all the beta 1.1 spam. I've made a Beta 1.1 outline from what i know about beta 1.1. Pls tell me as soon as possible if any of this is wrong so i can change it. Beta 1.1 Outline I tried posting this early maybe it was a server error or it was deleted :cry...
  8. AscendantSaiyan

    Beta 1.1 Outline

    Since the beta1.1 outline is gone and soo many ppl are spamming looking for beta 1.1 information i've creted a beta1.1 outline form what i know. **NOTICE** WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN THE BETA1.1 PATCH WILL BE RELEASED ONLY THAT WHEN ITS DONE YOU'LL KNOW ABOUT IT. So it best not to ask :) <url><a...
  9. H

    beta 1.1 outline

    Are they gonna post a updated outline again or is the patch close enough to not even bother.
  10. The Dark One

    Updated outline

    Can someone from the team put an updated outline on the website??
  11. A

    Photo Shop question

    1. How do I make things transparent/fade (Like the gohan in my sig)? 2. How do I change a picture to the same color as the backround but keep the outline of the picture? Oh yea. I used photo shop 7.
  12. Z

    a glow outline

    can someone tell me how to outline my ppl with i glow in my sigs i out photoshop 7.0 , i just can find out where im suppost to go
  13. D

    Need more super saiyan levels..

    i think its not much 1 evolve some 2 like gohan give him more ssj levels.. and goku 2.. The Game OWNZz realy it is good now waiting for tha update ;)
  14. S

    1.1 Outline very cool.

    Hi all! I've read the outline up to 5 times and now i'm very curious about esf v. 1.1! One of the most interesting changes is the sword for trunks. So i've got a question! I'm not very sure but i think you all (creators of esf) have a job and work for esf only in your free time... So...
  15. Cold Steel

    to Esf Stryker

    That new avatar of yours, is that a new ESF map?
  16. X

    Beta 1.1 Outline

    Could you give us and updated outline?
  17. Z

    new sig

    Hey i made myself a sig how is it?:p and there r some more i made check them out oh dont bother messing around my web site lol its old really old just check out the pics http://home.nc.rr.com/majins/
  18. S

    FOR Twilight critz please. its for some one else.

    here Twilight. i hope you like it, tell me if you want that inverted thing. tell me on AIM or sumthin =) enjoy
  19. Grim`

    First Sig

    Give me Crits .. plz Thx
  20. Ryoko

    New Ryoko drawing

    Ok, I scanned my latest drawing up. Its my best yet, but it isn't 100% accurate ~_~