1. Hellion_Blade

    Whats with the outline?

  2. mutsu


    hoi, is there a outline available for 1.3? i mean that way ppl won't ask when it's done because they see how much is left.
  3. M

    How About an Outline?

    Specifically an outline listing all the changes in ESF: Final? From what characters are being added, an explanation of the buddy system, the new melee system, etcetera. Of course, this is assuming one hasn't already been made.
  4. T

    ESF outline ? up to date ?

    is the outline up to date ? cause if i look at it u havent even started yet :s http://www.esforces.com/Mastasurf/esfbeta1_3.html
  5. grOOvy

    Beta 1.3 Outline Discussion Thread

    Beta 1.3 Outline Discussion Thread Check out the outline now! [ All ESF Design Documents ] Comments? Questions? Feel free to post, the dev team will check this thread from time to time and will be more than happy to address any logical (that make sense) questions. Suggestions for...
  6. wheres_

    1.3 outline?

    When can we expect the outline for 1.3, simple. I think it was groovy that said we'd get it in not to long a period of time but that was a couple of months ago (4 maybe :s).
  7. Spunky

    GTA: San Andreas Outline

    I just bought the game, along with the new tiny PS2. Here's what the game mostly has to offer. This should explain why IGN gave it a 9.9/10 (The highest rating they've ever given.) <html> <ul> <li>Car mod shops - Customize your ride with nitro, chrome bumpers, custom roofing, custom...
  8. D

    Since theres no 1.3 outline..

    Whats all being done in 1.3? We're all waiting for it, we all know theres transformations and Ginyu, is that it? Powerstruggle revamp? Changes to melee system maybe? I'm wondering if its worth looking at the page everyday for updates, because I still do so and havn't played in about 4 months.
  9. G

    Esf 1.2 Adv. Melee Outline

    Hey im a n00b and i was wondering if you guys could send me or just put a link of the ESF 1.2 outline of everything or maybe just the melee...thnkx! Email is ------> [email protected] :yes:
  10. M

    ESF Beta 1.3 outline?? when can we expect it

    As the toppic says.. when can we expect the esf beta 1.3 outline? and could you guys make it a bit specific so that you say witch transformations are gonna be in it. not like this: all gohan transformations all buu transformations bla bla bla but like this gohan - normal - ssj -...
  11. D

    1.3 Outline

    HI! Someone know if there is outline for 1.3? and if not, when it will be out? TNX
  12. S

    Does 1.3 have a outline already, or your still working towards it.

    Does 1.3 have a outline already
  13. B

    Is ESF 1.2 outline updated?

    Just asking when ESF 1.2 outline updated last time? Those same things have been there about 2month. Is it really possible that there is still that much work? EDIT: Is this thread like "whens is it out" that it will be closed and there is no answer?
  14. M

    Beta 1.2 outline

    This question is for the team. In the Beeta 1.2 outline, it says something about option things like advanced block stuggles and stuff. So how much of those optional things are you gonna do? Personally I would say do it all and take as much time as you need because I'm sure all of those things...
  15. V

    esf 1.2 outline

  16. G

    Beta 1.2 outline

    Hey there, I just wanted to know if the beta 1.2 outline is still being updated, because I haven't played ESF in a few months and when I came here to see the progress, nothing had changed at all...:S
  17. M

    Beta 1.2 outline and plugins for ESF

    Hello I was just reading the Beta 1.2 outline and i think it would be nice if you update it for us su that we can see how far the ESF team is... This is the current outline.. http://home.student.utwente.nl/h.vanwelbergen/esf/beta1_2.html O and on many places they say NEED TO BE TESTED Can...
  18. MinesSkylineR34

    Kenshin Indy...again

    better...? crits? EDIT: blended kenshin in a bit
  19. Reptile

    explenation of outline point

    Frieza’s telekinesis i just read this in the beta 1.2 outline, can somone explain it to me what this means? cant figure it out
  20. S

    Beta 1_2 outline

    Maybe it's easy that they put a data in it from the last update