1. Kaination

    Chrome vs Firefox, want personal opinions.

    So lately, I've been thinking, hey, I ******* LOVE Google, but I want to try out their chrome. what would be some advantages or disadvantages users have experienced from using both? which do you use? I want personal experiences, not "WELL GOOGLE IS GOOGLE AND ITS BETTAR HURRR"
  2. shadowcast

    Atheists, my frustrations, and your opinions :P

    Well im interested to see, as my country is mostly a Christian government, I'm an atheist because I was raised that way, and in no way do I feel sorry that i am an atheist. What bothers me though is that through my life time I've never judged or try to convert a believer yet believers...
  3. Tsunami

    Need a new router. Advice and opinions wanted!

    Been using a Netgear RP614v1 router for the past 4+ years and I think this thing is on its last leg. Bit-torrent is now making the router crash, heavy gaming mixed with VOIP apps (IE Ventrilo or Teamspeak) brings it to the point of crashing. Haven't had any problems with this thing in...
  4. SS4 Gogeta

    Would like your opinions

    This is a clip of me playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8YyiNzuZwA&feature=user I would like your opinions on the comment left by "SAYERJIN" do you agree with what this person said, do people like "me" ruin the gameplay? If so how? I just play the way which is most fun for me...
  5. Punishing

    Need some opinions

    Ok I just bought myself a new computer today , doesn't have windows installed yet(need to buy it this week) and I wanna know if I got a good system since I'm not that much of a hardware freak. I'm intrested to know if the Video Card is good since I'm probably gonna use it for gaming and...
  6. S


    Well i felt like doin something a little different, wanna know which is better though, black or red D: they look a little better if u only look at one at a time imo, I felt like playing with type :x should i use it though? crits would be good ^^
  7. Eon

    need some opinions

    I'm moving into a new place, and me and the roomies are unsure what kind of new TV we want. there is a ncie room we can kill the light in nicely and put in an HD projector, or we can get a medium sized HD-TV. So, Projector or TV? ;o someone knowledgeable (hopefully pride sees this, he's an HD...
  8. M

    Episodic Releases... Your Opinions

    After browsing around GameSpy for about half an hour, I noticed the term "episodic content" and/or "episodic releases" being mentioned in a good majority of games still in development. It would seem that a lot of companies want to take the same approach as VALVe did (I don't know of any...
  9. SaiyanPrideXIX

    New Rig I'm looking at...looking for opinions

    I'm about due for a new computer. Sometime this month I think I am going to buy. I'm going through a website that has individual components that they put together for you; the price was pretty decent for the rank of the stuff I'm getting. I just wanted to ask everybody here if I was maybe...
  10. Brim

    Opinions on Bleach Fillers

    So now that the first ep of the new fillers has come out, what do you think? I personally think that this ep wasn't half bad, it flows fairly smoothly with the storyline, and continues with great animation (unlike other fillers). I personally won't be too dissappointed with watching these, but...
  11. Skyrider

    Need Some Opinions on the Profile Center

    lately, i've been thinking of adding Scripts (JavaScripts & DHTML) on the Mod Profile Center on HL2files.com, but i'm not sure what exactly, perhaps you people have an idea of what i should add? Anything would be helpful, as long its something with a use. Not things like a clock, calender, etc...
  12. Cap J

    Need opinions

    I made a second version of my new sig as my bro said it would look better if the text started at the top. Which do you think is better? Original: Altered:
  13. -Origin

    Once and for all; Chrono Trigger opinions.

    I'm well aware that there are a lot of CT fans on this forum but I don't remember CT ever getting it's own thread. Personally, CT is the RPG for me. I've played it for the first time 10 years ago, back when it was just released and it's the only game I have ever played that's got me replaying it...
  14. I

    windows xp x64, your opinions?

    think it's worth the upgrade, or stick to the normal 32bit... information on this product can be found at microsofts homepage *too lazy to type the features*... but let's hear your replies
  15. R

    Have some opinions about this mod

    I've been a bfp player for a long time. i also use alot of the dbz packs for the mod, and i have to say bfp is better in everyway except 1 thing melee. Esf meelee is fantastic. I also have to say this mod needs alot of work. The character detail is great, the map details are terriable. The fps...
  16. Optimus Prime

    Reality TV only enforces my opinions on humanity.

    Something's been bothering me for a while. And I think it's about time I vented. Reality TV; I DESPISE, reality TV. I mean seriously... I can't wait until I get married, so I can "Trade Spouses" so to speak. "Cause that's like, totally reality, right? *giggle, flings hair back over...
  17. RavenTrunks

    Cell Shaded Opinions

    what do you think would have been better, they way it is now? or seeing ESF cell shaded? i think cell shaded would be cool, would give it more of that "anime" feeling. opinions?
  18. T

    Opinions about current ESF

    check the title ;)
  19. Goten-son

    Need opinions on something....

    Well i was thinking today, it would be nice to earn a little extra dough here and there so i got an idea. I was thinking i could open up a small anime shop online and sell anime fansubs on DVD. The customer would fill out a form and tell us what anime they want (and i would check to make sure...
  20. L

    Thoughts on ESF 1.2 (Opinions)

    Well i have to say a job well done for the team, no kiddin the best mod i ever played since esf 1.1 Actualy there are several good points, one is that there is less whining goin arround... i see people havin fun while they are bein killed... not to say when in a battle even losin u have a...