1. A

    PSP & Nintendo DS

    I was browsing around ign a few mins ago and looking at all the reviews from both fans and editors and looking at the sections, and well i notice DS didnt have a section, and i notice the editors on ign seem to hate nintendo DS, i mean they seem to dont care about it at all too much and i...
  2. I

    New Nintendo goodies

    Some new stuff has been popping up at . Mostly stuff from E3 2004. A few "new" trailers are there too. Two things caught my eye: The Legend of Zelda (GCN) - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN) -...
  3. G

    Nintendo DS Revealed! :O!!!! Sounds better then what I was expecting.
  4. SailorAlea

    Death of Nintendo?

    As you guys may or may not know, the only thing really keeping Nintendo afloat at this point is their utter domination in the hand-held console business, as well as their crappy Pokemon games, and horrible sequels of once-classic games. In order to avoid flames, I'll leave "which" sequels are...
  5. A

    The Nintendo Mystery Machine Revaled

    :( well its happen,nintendo grave is at hand,there driving it straight in the ground theres just no hope for it anymore so i guess it all comes down to PS3 and XBOX 2 sigh here the link to the new mystery machine info
  6. esfn00b

    Nintendo or Playstation?

    Which do you prefer? And please why, thats what im actually interested in. I much prefer gamecube because in my opinion it has much better games and easier to use controllers, and that also the gamecube games have a much higher replay value (such as the Zelda games, etc...) *edit, after...
  7. raulo

    Nintendo Gamacube Games

    :cool: This is just a poll to find out what's your favorite type of games for the Nintendo Gamecube. There are many variations if we talk about the type of the game. Vote and Thank you once more for your posts. :yes:
  8. raulo

    Metroid Prime for Nintendo Gamecube. What do you think ?

    I live here, in the end of the world, to say it with another words, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recently, I buyed a Nintendo Gamecube (I have paid U$S 500 for it) with the Metroid Prime game (U$S 120). And I have to say, that is the most exciting and beatiful game I have ever played...
  9. Eon

    Nintendo's Best series...

    Nintendo has a solid 3 series split between 3 games that they usually release for every system, the 3 most succesful and depended on are as follows: Mario Zelda Metroid Which of the three are your favs?
  10. A

    Bomber Man!!

    I was wondering if someone could make a bomber man model, then I coould skin, or some one else, or maybe even the person that made teh model. We can make it replace GOhan and maybe get Shijing to make some sprites.
  11. owa

    Gameboy Advance/Super Nintendo Games

    Know any good games for these systems? I already have for Super Nintendo: Super Metroid Mario games Mechwarrior For GBA I got: Metroid Fusion Megaman Battlenetowkr 2 Megaman Zero Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland So nayonek now a good game I should getz0rz?
  12. owa

    Best of Super Nintendo

    Hey, I was wondering what you guys thoguht was the best SNES Game created. So what is it? I'm not sure btu I'm bored and Curious.