1. L

    Nintendo Revolution to be revealed at E3 Discuss.
  2. Suh Dude

    Nintendo Revolution renamed? Wow, Nintendo Go!
  3. Suh Dude

    Nintendo DS Lite

    From watching this video, it seems the new Nintendo DS Lite will feature a TV turner including with a new menu interface. See it for yourself.
  4. Hash

    Nintendo Completely Unveils Revolution Info To All..........

    ..........At there pre E3 press event next may. (Mwaha, tricked you didn't I?) Anyways, it seems we're gonna have to wait till the next E3 to get all the rev info. Not surprising, I was expecting it to be around then anyways, i'm just glad we have an official date now. Oh ya, the link...
  5. Mr. Satans

    Rediscovering Nintendo <3

    The other day I decided to get rid of my PSX + Games, SNES + Games, Game Gear + Games, & Game Boys (Pocket & Color) + Games. I went to a local chain of stores called McVan's Video Games (Buy 'Em, Beat 'Em, Trade 'Em). Armed with about 4 bags of stuff (Including computer games too) I struggled...
  6. M

    The good and bad reasons why the Nintendo Gamecube lost to Xbox and PS2

    1.Gamcube has a **** load of awsome and intriging games 2.Gamecube's CD was smaller then any game CD in history 3.Gamecube does not have a DVD drive installed 4.Gamecube controller is small and hurts your hand during a button mashing game 5.Gamecube's power plug was similar to the...
  7. Robby

    Why I am a proud Nintendo Fanboi Really good stuff. So this is why I love being a Nintendo Fan Boy.
  8. Promiscuous Girl

    Nintendo's Revolutionary Controller!!!...thats all i can say right now is!!!....nothing more i guess, im just really suprised here. Read here for more information.
  9. clen

    Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo revolution.

    Just a simple poll asking what console(s) your going to buy (if any) for me, I plan on buying the revolution because im a nintendo fan.
  10. ~*Logan*~

    Nintendo better off without HD?!

  11. Enix

    Nintendo Revolution LIVE!

    Its gonna be on gamespot in a little but, but they already have some pictures of it up on there site: Looks sexy...
  12. G

    Nintendo Revolution

    This is a must see video. Some people say this is the actual product some people say its false, you be the judge but its amazing and would be a great experince. Let me know some of your views on it if you watch it...
  13. G

    Nintendo's Reputation?!?

    Well recently i have been chatting around on other boards and notice i cant seem to bring up almost anything about nintendo anymore without everyone saying bad comments about it. Ive know they mad some bad descions but there not that bad. Anyway i kinda wanted to step away from all the negative...
  14. Tassadar

    Nintendo Zelda one was the best. :O
  15. NinJa HunteR

    Nintendo DS...

    If you don't agree, post why....
  16. Phatslugga

    Nintendo DS finally out

    Well, a lot of people have been awaiting this peice of machinery to grace us with it's presence. People have been callingthe Best Buy that I work at all week about it. Yesterday we had a mandatory meeting which was part of a prep for black friday and today, due to the DS's release. However, when...
  17. Sicron

    Nintendo DS or PSP?

    which one will u buy >.< seriously...i dont know which one to chose, 2 is too expensive, but they both seem so good =o
  18. G

    Microsoft Offering To Buy Nintendo!!!!!

    Oppinated: If Microsoft buys nintendo than its over for sony lol
  19. P

    Nintendo's DS Tweaked New Design

    New Finalized DS VS The OLD DS Which Design do you guys like the best?!?
  20. B

    Nintendo's Revolution To The PS3 & Xbox 2

    IGNcube's Nintendo "Revolution" FAQ Absolutely everything we currently know about the successor to Nintendo's GameCube home console. June 10, 2004 - Nintendo's GameCube console is far from dead, but that hasn't stopped the company from announcing that it is underway with a next-generation...