1. G

    My first UT2003/UT2004, none related DBZ map

    My first UT2003/UT2004 none related DBZ map Well folks after making so many Ut2k4 DBZ related maps I decided to start to make and one that have nothing to do with the DBZ show (?), as I was enjoy it to make it in the old times on the Unreal v1.0 engine What I’m planning to make is a few...
  2. D

    Map change

    i have my own dedicated server with evolutionx, metamod, admin mod, n amx mod x and everything the map chnages all the options change back to default in the dedicated server for example after a map change the timelimit goes back to 0.0000000 and if i select an option like ff it will automatic...
  3. Shuyin

    ESF 1.3 Map Bonuses?

    I was thinking how 1.3 might take a bit longer to transform, and how the maps could be more intresting. Room Of Sprit And Time (rosat) Gain 50PL a second all the time you fight on this map. Since the map is very empty, pl gain gives you a reason to wanna choose it. Snake Way For...
  4. X-boy

    TMX Map missing sdbz.wad

    When I try to use TMX map it always say that there are a missing file called sdbz.wad, where can I get this file. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Robo_Killa

    help on meh map

    well sorry for wasting some of ur time, but ive made this map a while back ago, and since then ive been asking some of my friends how to make it to a bsp to a real map, i seen all the tuts and everything about the hulls text, put mostly everthing that u guys been talking about, but now i have...
  6. Mattman243

    Giant Forest map?

    Hey, I somehow lost the Giant Forest map for esf! Is there anywhere that I can download it?
  7. Killface

    Map installation

    how do I install new maps. I downloaded new maps but I dont know how to install maps. I tried to put them in the maps directory but esforces wont recognize them. do i have to replace existing maps with the new ones or what?
  8. KidMan

    Cave Map Request

    So I wonder if they could add a cave map. The one that Goku and Vegeta fought in when Vegta went Majin. Goku did the Kamehameha and Vegeta did Galick Gun and the entire cave ( which was freaking HUGE) blew apart. So maybe it would be awesome to have a cave level. Another possiblity would be the...
  9. Half-Unit

    World Martial Arts map

    Made a map. Still need to fix/add little things (head behind the WMA sign, need to make a texture on for the umbrella, fix transparencies on the roof, various textures need to be replaced), but I thought I'd post to get some kinda feedback. I wanted to make the whole place, but Half-Life...
  10. |Overlord|

    Cell Islands Map Request

    Would anyone want to do a map based on the islands of where cell was hunting for android 18 ?? oh , and if a team meber decides to do this map , refrain from copyying esf_roshi_islands (or whatever the hell it was called) Lotas of water And some big islands with some good hideouts and so on...
  11. B

    Evm needs an extra map pack

    When i finish to install evm it says that i need an additional model pack or my models will look like crap, so wich pack i need?