1. Aurum

    Light Or Dark Theme?

    Hey I have been wondering if you guys preffer the dark or the light theme of the forums. This is just for fun. So? ^_^
  2. sub

    Faster Than Light -- Indie Spaceship Game releases today

    I was planning on doing something productive today, but between this and Black Mesa Source, I don't think that's going to happen. Anyone else going to be playing this? For anyone who doesn't know, FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. It tries to recreate the atmosphere of running a...
  3. Chakra-X

    Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death

    My Launch 60gb PS3 has died today ;(. She went strong for 4 years and gave me the Yellow Light of Death while I was playing Transformers: War on Cybertron. Sony is having a "Limited Time Offer" where you can send them your broken 60gb PS3 and they'll give you a refurbished 120gb PS3 Slim for...
  4. D

    Gaming Laptop

    I need one. I move around too much to build another desktop so I have no other choice. I haven't kept up with computer specs over the last two years so I'm out of the loop. I've been looking at Sager's NP9850 and 9280, as well as Alienware's M17x. I have $3k to play around with, though I'm...
  5. J-Dude

    3DS Max: God-ray effect from Omni light?

    Working hard on a final project for class, and I've got an object that's glowing partially due to a tweaked lens-flare, but mostly due to a volume light from an omni light in the object's center. Light shines fine, but I also wanted spots of the light to have animated random dark spots, creating...
  6. clen

    Light: Particles and Waves.

    I was wondering if anyone here could give me the short version of why observing light changes it from particles to a wave?
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Computer not detecting internet connection, Red light ethernet port

    edit fixed Yeah about 2 nights ago my internet stopped working on my computer, I assumed it was my internet failing so i went in the other room, unplugged the cable for about 15 seconds, reset it. It worked fine for the rest of the night. Came home last night, turned on the computer, get...
  8. SS4 Gogeta

    Galactic Federation of Light

    I saw this awhile back but since then, it seems to have spread a bit. This sounds like yet another hoax in the works, but wouldn't it be awsome if a 2000 mile long E.T spacecraft were to spend 3 days hovering over a populated area, even if...
  9. Skyrider

    microsoft reclusa keyboard (how to turn of the light?)

    I just bought one of this keyboard: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>...
  10. Keiha

    In light of the religious issues.

    Got to keep an eye on that Jesus. Jesus and Satan were having an on-going argument about who was better on the computer. They had been going at it for days, and frankly God was tired of hearing all the bickering. Finally fed up, God said, 'THAT'S IT! I have had enough. I am going to...
  11. dan_esf_fanatic

    Coca Cola Light + Mentos = dead.

    I just got a mail about a child who literally, killed himself with Coca Cola and Mentos. Spoilers aside, here's the file. Spoilers aside, this is a .pps file, which means you'll need PowerPoint or OpenOffice to open it. I apologize for any mistakes, I...
  12. .Maze

    Light Bug

    Hi. I think i found an Bug with the Aura/Powerup Light. When you are in an ascended Form with Turbo on, and you revert to your normal Form. The Aura light wont dissapear. This also works withotu Turbo on by descending. Ive been able to reproduce it whenever i wanted to. 1st: Ascend higher...
  13. D

    Easy photoshop tutorial: Light Abstract

    This is a tutorial that I made about a month ago, its pretty easy and requires Adobe Photoshop which you can get a free trial by clicking here ... This requires you to register your email Comments on the tutorial please <img...
  14. Jarrstin

    Random Light of Explosions - ESF 1.3 Open Beta I've reported the issue, but I was just curious if anyone else has had the same problem. On every one of the maps I load I see a random explosion of lights that kill my fps, and make...
  15. D

    light saber to death

    a i thought this was a cool slightsaber fight wath it and this one after you guys watch this video tell me wut you thing because i think the first one is really cool.
  16. Kaination

    Yay, the power of LIGHT sig o/

    yay, i got off my arse and made a sig :D idk, i like it :)
  17. sub

    Legend of Zelda: The Light of Courage Here is the second: To be honest, the videos scared me. I think I want some more.
  18. Mccdbz5

    Light hair and Dark hair

    You know how in the show whenever any of the saiyans gets an auora around them (this is in super saiyan), there hair turns dark gold, and then when they have no auora around them, there hair is kind of light yellow. Well, maybe in ESF that could happen, like when your dashing, getting energy, or...
  19. H

    Night Light :O

    knight lite or noes lite nite?
  20. Amitron

    PS2 - Red Light

    Alright well I got one of the new small ps2's for christmas (needed a dvd player and my brother is takin the xbox to college...and you know...san andreas). So it seems that it doesn't have an off switch(or I can't find one) like the first one did, and what I always did with my friends ps2s is...