Computer not detecting internet connection, Red light ethernet port

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Dec 21, 2004
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Yeah about 2 nights ago my internet stopped working on my computer, I assumed it was my internet failing so i went in the other room, unplugged the cable for about 15 seconds, reset it. It worked fine for the rest of the night.

Came home last night, turned on the computer, get an error saying low or limited internet connection, i tried reseting the cable again, it didnt work. The internets running perfectly fine.

I go to check the ethernet port on the back of my computer and the port is all lit up, like when you have a cable plugged into it, except there is no cable, and there is a little red light on it.

I had this problem once before, with no tech support help from dell i did a system restore and it seemed to fix my problem. I tried doing that today and I cant get my computer to restore to any dates. It just gives me an incomplete restore error, cannot restore to set date, please choose a differant date, blah blah blah. no changes have been made to your system.

My main problem is the internet not being detected on my computer, does anyone have any insight?

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