1. S

    Power level Changer for esf 1.2.3

    Hello new here, I was wondering if anybody has and can post a working link to the power level changer for esf 1.2.3, much thanks.
  2. Mkilbride

    Star Wars: The Old Republic going Free 2 play up to Level 50 this fall.

    http://kotaku.com/5930586/star-wars-the-old-republic-is-going-free+to+play-up-to-level-50-this-fall So basically, LOTRO route. Profitable route. http://kotaku.com/5930586/star-wars-the-old-republic-is-going-free+to+play-up-to-level-50-this-fall Yeah, we all saw this coming. But...
  3. I

    Increase Power Level, LBZ style?

    I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with LBZ aka Lemming Ball Z but I think it would be cool if ESF had LBZ's style of power level increasing. Where you can charge your Ki to boost base power level but doing so depletes your fatigue. having your fatigue drop to 0 makes your character...
  4. .Maze

    Low PL Starting Level...

    Hi. Well i quess its not everyone favourite Suggestion but well. its mine <3 :-P... I dont know what the Starting Powerlevels for the Future Release is so i just show it by the current PL List... Example: Right now Gokus starts at 750.000 PL and his TransPL requires 1.750.000 My...
  5. Raine

    Explosion Size : Power Level and Mod Compatability

    One of the things that bother me the most about ESF is how power level barely effects explosion size. In my opinion, the higher someones power level is the bigger their explosions should be. I do of course think there should be a cap but the fact that its not possible to use explosions on...
  6. IFlip92

    Aura size increasing along with power level

    As the title says I always thought that the aura size increases slightly but noticeably around the characters when their power levels increase in the show. It would be really nice to see that in the game :). Makes you feel more powerful and also balances things a lil bit as u can spot a powerful...
  7. EvolutionX

    Power Level?!

    Hey guys. It just come in my mind to me a nice suggestion. In ESF 1.2.x when you get killed, your PL is growing or decreasing. So i have a suggestion for ESF:F, when a Saiyan is get killed, after that his powerlevel is higher, but when other person is killed "Like Buu, Krillin" the powerlevel is...
  8. T

    Lil help please!

    hey guys, i was wondering ever since i started playing this game (gosh, thats about..what? 3-4 years ago? maybe more?) was how do i make it so that say, when my goku has a pl of over 2mil and i add new bots that have like 800k and i wind up dying, i loose a good portion of my power. its quite...
  9. M

    How to trasform ssj?

    Help How i can trasform in ssj?? pls help!
  10. Antartika

    Power Level issue

    Hello, I know your sick and tired of powerlevel because it annoys people having to move files and input code e.c.t, but yeah sorry general question :-/. I have ESF:ECX RC2 + Big Pack 8.4, and i was wondering how do you change the Powerlevel atm all i did is.. Sv_cheats 1...
  11. Z

    Power Level changer issues.

    Im having issues with the PL changer that was posted earlier this year by Spunky. I cant post the link cause I dont have 5 posts yet lol :( Im pretty sure i did everything right. when I check amx_plugins this is what I get. Evolution X C.O.R.E EvolutionX.amxx...
  12. DaisukeJP

    Wish level

    Did anyone try the maximum wish level or something? i'm @ wishlevel 5 now.. i got only 1 extra option Team Strenght to give my team more PL and i give myself alot PL to.. its pretty nice Ingame im always called xRaitei =) have a chat with me if u see me online im @...
  13. D

    How one can raise his power level by console

    I wanted to ask whether be one by console powerlevel can raise, or goes only with Dragonballs.
  14. S

    ecx power level changer request

    is it possible to find a plugin to alter my powerlevel in ecx rc2?
  15. B

    power level

    can you you save your power level
  16. B

    What Is The Power Level Cheat?

    Can Anyone Tell Me?:yes:
  17. vegetafan

    power level cheat?

    i saw this on the news page of esf. what does this code do?
  18. *HurleyBoy*

    Power Level Cheat.

    How do you activate it after you turn on sv_cheats?
  19. G

    Alternate Transformation Method for SSJ Level

    Idea: When ya reached the minimum powerlevel to go Super Saiyan you press Z (ascend button) and then on screen it appears some arrows. To succesfully transform you need to hit correctly all the arrows. If you hit one incorectly youll just exit the transformation but with little ki depleted. As...
  20. Sandstorm

    Tutorial level

    While perusing some of the other posts in another section of the boards, it comes up that ESF has a large learning curve. While it's easy to try and simplify the control methods, this is still not going to teach everyone how to play. My idea is as thus: A tutorial level. Basically, just a...