1. imkongkong

    Krillin Model

    Basically just the head shape i think it's too egg shaped.. i think this would fit him more perfectly
  2. D

    ID this Krillin

    WHo made this krillin ? it was in the EEA model pack for EVM (don't quote me on what it was ment for) I want to know 2nd I was wondering if I could have permission to edit it so it can be used in ESF 1.2 or get someone who can? I wont distribute it, I want nothing of the sort nore do I...
  3. F


    here is my krillin gice crits please and if somebody have a good tutorial on arms and head with neck give me please.
  4. Shao

    Krillin's Eyes

    After viewing the new skeleton animations, I saw Krillin's new eyes. Now, although there are a few instances where his eyes are open like this, he's more known for his eyes looking like this. I don't really like the new Krillin model having the bigger, whiter eyes.
  5. Denz

    Krillin's 3rd transformation

    the 3rd trans is realy simple u can make him like an old guy with mustach (or what ever its spelled) just look at my sig and vote p.s. I was planing to put this idea in2 my mod but its going nowhere so here u go esf use it....or not.
  6. (SS2S) Kakorot

    Krillin's transformations.

    Right, I was thinking the other day for Krillin transformations. And it hit me, the freiza saga, the whole thing through it krillin was wearing saiyan armour, i do bilieve that that could be another transformation for krillin, and the present one should be the final transformation as that is...
  7. L

    Darksun's Krillin Skin

    Sorry if someone has posted this already but, while surfing the net today I noticed this, Looks like Darksun's Krillin to me. Anyone know anything about this
  8. L

    Darksun's Krillin Skin

    Not sure if someone has posted this but I found this while surfing today, Looks awfully familiar. Whats the deal here?
  9. Enix

    Krillin Reskin [WIP]

    Ok, as i told everyone in my krillin thread, I was going to resking my krillin sometime, so heres my WIP reskin: Got lots more to do. I mainly posted it so early in the job just for crits and ideas. I know the eyes are uneven, thats just a dumb skinmap error :P , i tried a new way of...
  10. M

    Krillin, to the max.

    Eclipse and I have teamed up 2 make krillin cos hes ubah ghey. WIP: please do not comment on anything about him, it is perfect and could not get better.
  11. D

    Krillin needs help!

    Ah the lovable Krillin. I have never seen a transed Krillin so, I decided to play as him for three whole maps and I learned one thing about him...HE NEVER REACHES HIS TRANS! In all three maps, I was in the top 3 with 10-15 people in a FF. My scores would be like 51/19 or 45/17 and I still...
  12. C

    Omg krillin is the best ever..

    I never realised the power of krillin. Within 42 minutes of playtime, I ended a match at 13.8 million PL, as Mystic krillin, after being demonstrated the power of scatter beam. I don't know why everyone says krillin is too weak, just from using scatterbeam from the begining of the match, with 4...
  13. Kama

    Buu and Krillin transformation PL

    This isn't really a bug, or coding issue, but it is a gameplay issue that I feel needs to be adressed. As a person who enjoys playing as both a Midget Monk and Pink Puff, it gets really annoying when a perma-trans takes away all of the fun of the game. Krillin and Buu both need 3,000,000 PL...
  14. M


    ive been playing krillin for a while and i noticed that he takes longer to get his cf up does anyone no why? does the destructo disk crash servers, too? and whats perfect transformation and how do you obtain it
  15. M

    Krillin EVM Model Reskin pack (Releasing!)

    -==Krillien 4 different model pack reskin!==- for ESF Evolution Mods anywhere! just extract to the ESF folder includes (+creditz) : Namek Saga Krillin(Dark!!!) Normal Krillin(ESF TEAM) Mystic Krillin(ESF TEAM+Darksun+Miki800(thats me!) for reskining) Ultimate Krillin(ESF TEAM+Darksun...
  16. M

    4 Different Models for a Krillin Pack(Reskin) for evolution mods!

    <big><b>(goto my 4th post in this thread to see the update!!!)</big></b> *** actually thats what I had in mind I finished the pack already but im just waiting for autho to be presented here I'll contact all those who I need to get autho from - tommorrow! once the autho posted in this thread...
  17. Enix

    first model, krillin wip

    i tried really hard and this is what i got so far. after i fix the mess ups and stuff im going to need it skiner. so tell me what you think.: <p> <p> <p>as you can see its not done.:D im still a huge modeling noob so give me a break. Critz please!:D
  18. M

    Krillin's Sound Pack Released By Miki800™

    <center> :smile: (Bug Bypass [DD])+Krillin's Sound Pack Released By Miki800™ ========================================================</center> DL it here:'s_SoundPack.rar thnx Max2 for hosting! <u>ESF-World Networkxx...
  19. L

    Krillin - Mega Defender??

    Is it just me, or is Krillin one of the best defensive characters in the game? He seems to be able to deflect just about anything with his block (in a power struggle), I myself have blocked and returned a full power spirit bomb right near the start of the game, plus his ScatterBeam is nearly as...
  20. Super Veggeto

    Krillin Skinned

    this is german_boy's krillin not mine.. well i finished skinning it if you have some crits i'll be happy to hear them ;)