1. greenblur

    Why Krillin?

    I'm confused as to why you guys decided to pick Krillin, the character with only 2-3 somewhat original attacks and no actual transformations. Instead of doing something like a Goten/Trunks Buddy system that can fuse to Gotenks; whom has plenty of unique/crazy attacks. (That's more what I...
  2. tuty

    EvolutionX Krillin Source Code!!

    Hey guys, i know EvolutionX is a perfect plugin and team worked hard to get that plugin, so i decided to make by myself a 3 transformations for krillin EVM like'! Is made by me but i know in code are some bugs, but anyway, i just wanted to show to other guys who want to make transformations...
  3. EvolutionX


    Hey guys... i want to ask something (Question for esf team).. so ESF Team, can you make one PoTW with krillin, i just want to see him in final version :D Thank you in forward :-)
  4. Damaera

    Two Suggestions: Fusion and a way to make Krillin more useful

    First off, I'd like to point out that both of these suggestions are ones that I've mentioned privately in the past, but I'm posting them here so I can see what the you guys think of them. This first suggestion is coincidentally something that Davidskiwan similarly suggested years before I...
  5. E

    ESF Krillin Transformation Sound

    Yeah i have been searching for the full song of the ESF's krillin transformation wav. I only want to know the name of the song. Does anyone know it? the wav-file is in the Krillin Sound Folder of ESF. Example (if you installed the default way) C:\Program...
  6. M

    krillin partner

    Ok so most of the characters have buddys i was thinking y not give krillin a buddy like kid gohan from the namek saga or vegeta when he unlocks potencal that way i think krillin would be more balcend out with the rest of the characters.
  7. Darth Revan

    krillin partner

    Ok so most of the characters have buddys i was thinking y not give krillin a buddy like kid gohan from the namek saga or vegeta when he unlocks potencal that way i think krillin would be more balcend out with the rest of the characters.
  8. Prozac

    Krillin's destructo disk! ( Scatter disk )

    First thing's first.. This thing is totally awesome <3 scatter disk but I've got one little suggestion for it. which is quite simple, decrease the number of disks it "splits up" in when not fully charged. Like 3 for < 1/4 charged 5 for for 1/4 to 1/2 charged and all of it after...
  9. john_volkov


    I think that Krillin sould not ascend so to make Krillin balance he will have 3 senzu beams at the start so that he could give it to some one or he could keep it to him self so Krillin + 3 time regeneration makes beter then an ascend and krillin ki drain sould be slower a bit biger then the...
  10. S

    Krillin and Piccolo Transformations

    These characters are very well rounded I believe, but they lack transformations in order to compete with the likes of pretty much everyone else. So here is my suggestion, please hear me out. Piccolo: 1. Base 2. Without Cape 3. Fusion with Nail 4. Fusion with Kami (Kamicollo/Super Namek)...
  11. Deanio^


    well i was just playing and i figured why dont you put another form for krillen? his 'old look' from the show? or better yet think someone could make him in his sayain suit model (sorry for goin a bit off topic there)
  12. TigerGEO

    New Krillin ^^

    I started modeling now. My first complete model shall be Krillin. Thanx Davidskiwan for his sexy ref ^^. It's got 194 polies until now ^^ . I want to make it perfect. When I finish it I may release it. I use MilkShape for this one. I downloaded 3D Studio Max 8 but do I need any plugin to...
  13. J


    Okay after browsing through some of my folders I found my Krillin model I done awhile back... I think sometime at the beginning of the year... Well I've learned a few things since then so I did a little bit of edit on him to make him look better and, it also cut the poly count to... Anyways I...
  14. wheres_

    1.3 Krillin model/skin

    I was just wonderng which version was going to be used in the release as the default, the more recent screenshots show the krillin with the "white eyes" but the esf models gallery has the shot of Ravenblades version, also I was wondering if both would maybe be available in 1.3 with new new model...
  15. Enix

    Krillin O/ [released]

    ------------ RELEASED ------------ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [older]
  16. Enix

    Krillin [releasing soon]

    I started this model Sunday night I believe, and its getting there, just have some polys to cut and then I will start the always fun skinning process.....The model is at 1824 tris, which is 24 tris over my limit, wont be hard to cut those... Credits go to Darksun for the drawn kuririn...
  17. Drmt`

    Krillin WIP

    hey , i'm new at modeling , but i'll try to do my best at this krillin i know there isnt much to crit.. see for your self im using Davidskiwan's ref. that's my 3rd model xD
  18. |Overlord|

    Giving Krillin another transformation (inbetween Normal & Mystic)

    I really think Krillin should get a transformation inbetween his current transformation status. Reasons for suggestin this other then the obvious is, your'e practically hopeless in melee against other characters that have the speed advantage (unless you skill is good, but even then you reach...
  19. J

    Krillin W.I.P....

    Here's a wip of krillin... only have about 45 minutes to 1 hour into him.... comments and crits welcome... Trying to figure out how to do cel shading... not sure if this is the way to do it but it looks decent....
  20. U

    Some problem about krillin in namek

    In order that earth dragonball grant the wish and bring everyone who killed by frieza back to life, but why except krillin?