1. G

    Help!!!! Krillin

    Can I download krillin's old sound pack anyware like a backup pack cause i put the wrong sound pack in krillin. PLZ HELP :(
  2. M


    here's my krillin model.polycount is 1600.constructive crtis and comments are welcome =o.
  3. Gama

    DV13 Krillin redone

    I redid my krillin model im not looking for C&Cs just looking for a skinner so can someone skin this for me plz? Thanks to Trowab for doing the arms
  4. F


    Hi, dont remeber when i made a thread here last time, but i need crits from you now... Credits: Big thx to Wolf for his help with crits. here are 3 shots i think you can crit from these. Update - lowered belt
  5. TeKNiK

    Krillin Wip.

    Well first of all this model is for BTL, not a release for esf :(. I started this model a couple days ago and now I think aside from some tweakign the mesh is finished. Crits and comments would be greatly appreciated
  6. J


    bleh :S polycount is 1054, was trying to aim for low poly cuz it was initially for warcraft 3 for a dbz map. just could use some critz, thanks.
  7. A

    Krillin [WIP]

    It still sucks but I have to say, I've gotten better then the last time I made one. Credits to Davidskiwan for the Krillin ref =)
  8. Damaera

    Krillin [WIP]

    It still sucks but I have to say, I've gotten better then the last time I made one. Credits to Davidskiwan for the Krillin ref =)
  9. Mccdbz5

    Another transformation for Piccolo and Krillin

    You know how in 1.3, Piccolo and Krillin are only going to remain with one transformation? Well, there is another transformation they could give to Piccolo and Krillin. Here's three pictures of what could be Piccolo's first transformation, basically it's Piccolo's first transformation...
  10. JTR

    Krillin WIP

    Im getting back into modelling.. This was quickly done... It's a bit over 800 tris... CREDITS TO DAVIDSKIWAN FOR THE REFS!! Now the hard part.. the arms and hands :S Nuff said.. C&C plz.. - JTR
  11. Gama

    Krillin WIP DV13

    Krillin WIP DV13 [Updated] hi guys long time no see, been busy but iv started working on Krillin and what to know if u guys can crit what iv done so far Thanks to david for the great ref pic :)
  12. C

    Krillin WIP-ESF

    This is just a simple model, im gonna finish it/skin/animate blah blah probably get it into ESF. This is just something to get familiar again. I know what your all going to say "ms3d sucks, use 3dsm!!!11" but I like my ms3d >_<
  13. DarktoothDKD

    My thoughts on Krillin

    Monkey! he's a monkey! I knew it...
  14. ReCkOninG of FirE


    Started on Krillin Might redo the pants, i think they're bad, gonna start on head soon
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Krillin "Power Beam"

    Remember that slow powerful beam krillin used against the saibamen in the saiyin saga? Yea, i think that would be cool, i mean come on, the only reason krillin is in ESF is because of destructo disc... ...And how many people actually get killed repeatedly by a disc... yea no1, Discs...
  16. 009

    Krillin Multi Disc

    In the frizar saga, krillin used multi disc's against frizar... i thought if you could so you make a larg disc with left mouse button as it is now... and right mouse button to make many small disc's... with charging of course.. so they work like vegeta fast ki blast attack.... some thin glike...
  17. frsrblch

    Mystic Krillin?

    This has been nagging me for a while now. What is so special about Krillins second form? What makes it mystic and how does it tie into the show? If I used to know, Ive forgotten by now.
  18. Raven Blade

    Krillin Reborn (liek zomg!)

    Vegeta got the forum treatment, so should krillin. He's basically had major rip down since the post on the front page, reskinning of many major sections and an overall lighting boost. The skintone has been fixed from un-sexeh yellow and hes now about 80% Complete. Comments? Crits? Suggestions...
  19. A

    Krillin Kanji on back reversed

    This is on the latest skin, of course. Just though you would like to know. It looks very unsettling backwards.
  20. [ESF]Goku

    The new krillin model

    I found some things from it: 1st Krillin never wore black undershirt. Only blue shirt or no undershirt. 2nd In his back - the logo is not correct. I'll show you. Here's the best picture I found: Look at his back - the logo. Now look at the model: His eyes are also little too small in...