1. sub

    Bundle screenshots with the installer for Steam background pictures

    I'm not 100% sure this is possible, but I think it's worth looking into. Include 10 screenshots in the installer so that instead of this we have this Also, include an icon with the game for the Steam menu
  2. Vegeta

    ESF 1.2.3 [Installer] file type unknown?

    Properties: Name: esfb123 Type of file: file Size: 184mb It can't run, because it doesn't know how to- it just asks me to choose a program to run it with. I have never seen this before..
  3. EvolutionX

    NSIS Installer

    I need a nsis tutorial for how to make an instaler file with music and pictures (Like instaler for esf open beta final). TNX
  4. Skyrider

    Looking for Free/Open Source Installer Creator

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a free/open source Installer maker that I can create any data file, music file, etc in to installation files (*.EXE). I've searched around the internet and I can only find shareware ones. Much help would be appreciated, Kind Regards, Skyrider
  5. V

    Installer doesn't want to install

    Hi im new here and need some help If i continue to the point where it says choose destination folder i can't press the install button. I downloaded the installer from hlportal and it said there i have to choose the halflife folder as destination but i still can't click install. What should I do?
  6. E

    Problem with installer

    Hello, I tried installing ESF 1.2.3 on two different computers, and both give the same result: I go through the installer, up until where the path is defined. But there the Install button is disabled, so I can't continue the install. HL1 is installed, so are CS1.6, Blue Shift etc, all...
  7. hleV

    ESF installer source file

    Hi. I'm here to ask for ESF installer source file. I mean the .nsi file, from which I need to take some functions like checking if folder has hl.exe file and forcing the starting directory to be Steam directory. O maybe someone can tell me those functions?
  8. C

    Installer music

    The Open beta final installer music is prety good tho a bit anoiyng what about changing it whit the german intro 2 "Du wirzt unbesiegbar sein" it's the best DB soundtrack in my opinion :)
  9. Ackart

    Valve Hammer Editor Installer

    Thought this might be a help to anyone looking to getting into mapping for Half Life, or simply looking to reinstall Hammer as the VERC is down. I simply went back, modified the included help file for 3.4 and packaged a bunch of new FGDs into an easy to use installer. The installer also...
  10. M

    [RELEASED] ESF Open Beta #2 Installer

    [Released] - esf Open Beta installation file. Hey, Do you want to have a easy to understand installer for esf? yes Do you want to download the file without having to wait? yes Do you want to see some screenshots of it before you download it? yes Do you want fast speeds? yes Did you liked...
  11. R

    cant get installer to work

    Ok i downloaded the game. Everytime I run the installer It never lets me hit next after it goes to folder thing. I have no idea why I have tried everything and yet is still wont let me hit next. One more thing. I bought CS 1.6 off steam i didnt no but it came with CZ and delected...
  12. -Blaze-

    Windows installer problem

    I've tryed to install 3DS Max on my pc, but tthen appears error of windows installer. It says here that the windows installer program was installed to a wrong directory or smthg. WHAT COULD IT MEAN??????!!!????
  13. I

    help with esfb123 installer

    everytime i run the installer it goes to the downloading part and says it cant download certail things like gamestart.mp3 mp3 as the sun refufes to there any help i could use to fix this appreciated to helpers
  14. T

    Installer blanks out "install"

    Hi, when I run the installer the "install" button is blanked out once I am at the folder selection screen, and I am unable to continue, please help!. Regards, Gunslinger.
  15. D

    installer error

    When I open the installerfile, he says a error NSIS error, I downloaded from filefront. Can someone help me, please?
  16. D

    Installer Error

    When i start the ESF installer, it checks it then brings up an error "Error! Can't initialize plug-ins Directory. Please try again later." Any ideas on whats causing this?
  17. C

    Installer help

    ok I've serched the forums and i am unable to find the answer to my problem Ok when ever i goto install 1.2B it stars off good and when ever it gets to 'Gamestart.mp3' it tells me hy HDD iz full buit i got 14GB left so i check the media folder for which it goes into and it turns out the...
  18. J

    installer freezes

    when i am installing esf my installer will just freeze when installing gamestartup.mp3 i download esf from filefront can any1 help me?
  19. Z

    ;( Another problem with esforces installer 1.2b

    Argh!!! I click on the installer then everything goes will til it extracts gamestartup.mp3 . it didn't extract. i waited forever (like 2 hours). and i tried downloading it from different mirrors and it still didn't work. what's wrong?
  20. Z

    ESF1.2B Installer not working!

    I just finished downloading ESF 1.2B, the exact file size is 218,795Kb, and I got it on a 56k modem, 48 hours. When I double click the installer it goes into DOS, the screen goes black, but nothing happens... Whats going on???? ;(
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