1. DeMons

    ESF Ground

    Hello Dear ESF Team, i wish to suggest you something, to add in ESF, when a spell with impact start, to add some holes in the ground and for water,like this video: The final ground 1:09...first 0:04 Regards, DeMons.
  2. MrKurt2011

    Ground breaking/deforming under feet.

    This sounds kind of silly, but I think it would be pretty cool if when you block moves or have beam struggles while standing on the ground that the ground will start to break sort of like a crater when you are getting pushed, like under your feet if your angled a certain way. This could also be...
  3. Eacos

    Ground Combat

    To continue with the idea from the Ice Wasteland Thread. After watching the Majin Vegeta vs Goku fight, Ive actually been thinking of suggesting ground combat melee, although the only way to make it work effectively would be to give it a purpose over flying melee, I say: - Ground combat...
  4. Slofreak

    High drop animation and ground impact effect suggestion?

    So i was thinking if you drop from a very high height. It whould make like a impact creater effect and also dust effect. But sometimes you just wanna bounce from the ground and use that to your advatage right like 1.2.3. So i was thinking if you hold any movement key durning the drop you will...
  5. Z Power

    Ground Combat

    As the title suggests i want to know whether there will be proper ground battle mechanics? What i mean by this is, in the previous version, while you could run and walk with their corresponding animations (Unlike the tenkaichi series), any melee move you did made you go right into flight...
  6. B

    Mosque at Ground Zero

    I need your help. Okay? I need you guys to figure out a way to get Sub to play WoW with me. He refuses, and I'm sick of it. Right now, playing my Hunter and having Sub as a pet just isn't working out, I need him to create a druid so I'll have a pet acting on his own volition, but still...
  7. Damaera

    @Mosque at Ground Zero thread

    Just thought I'd put this here since Grega already closed it. A good thread like this doesn't need to be closed, when this whole situation could've been avoided if someone from the forum staff just tried to diffuse the situation instead of sitting there, waiting for it to get out of hand, and...
  8. -Origin

    Remember that Mosque at Ground Zero thread?

    That was awesome. Discuss.
  9. Kaination

    Mosque at Ground Zero revival

    It's been quite a while! Just thought this was interesting enough to spark some discussion up in these boards: tl;dr people wanna build like a 13 story mosque at ground zero. LOL WTF...
  10. Kaination

    Mosque at Ground Zero

    It's been quite a while! Just thought this was interesting enough to spark some discussion up in these boards: tl;dr people wanna build like a 13 story mosque at ground zero. LOL WTF...
  11. L

    water pushing

    this game gets so much nice effects added and i wanted to ask if its possible to add a feature that water can get pushed away by a strong aura. in dragonball they stood sometimes in water and activated their auras and well the aura pushed away the water.they now stood on a dry ground...
  12. Damaera

    My Dragonball Z Fanfic!

    Okay I'm just a beginner so don't be harsh! -- Ok well I was reading the DBZ story someone made, and I was like..... What the hell, I should make one too! So here it is: The Saiyan Battles Characters: Goku Vegeta Gohan Goten Trunks...
  13. D

    ground mele hmm might work

    i have a idea :D of how to make ground fights a reality in esf. well let me say that no one realy stays on the ground in any esf mod version etc more than 5% -10 % at the most. so why do players fight in the sky.. because of the flight system .. now why do players swoop ? .. because the mele...
  14. LionHeart

    Wow is a breeding ground for terrorists

    Source: Source: So this is what they research...
  15. vinay87

    More fighting on ground?

    Well, its like this. It's not like all DBZ fights take place in the air. Some also take place on the ground. Would it be so hard to implement more suppost for fighting on ground? Say make it so that melee encounters last for longer on the ground. Anything. One more thing, what if melee and...
  16. john_volkov

    Ground Efects

    it will be cool if the team make's some ground hiting efect's like this It will make esf more more more superb
  17. T

    Ground attributes.

    As it stands right now, there is no good features or benefits for players to fight close or on the ground. Basically this leads esf's fights to be fought 95 % of the time in the air. I kept it simple and added some enhancements that could benefit the player if he fought on the ground...
  18. $sj Goku

    Balance Beam Jump Fix [and ground melee]

    Ok the way the beam jump is now :/ its just too cheap you can get away way to easily..(very unbalanced) How i think it should be for 1.3 -You must hold Jump before beaming to engage the beam jump. If you let go of jump before it touches the ground the beam breaks -AFter holding jump and...
  19. $sj Goku


    Ok listen there are plenty of areal attacks an perspective but what about ground perspectives ... This thread is to come up with ideas for ground attacks.. Ill start.. My idea is that if your on the ground and you double tap forward,right, or left , you burst into *sprint* that's just as...
  20. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Animation 4 ground melle

    Well I was thinking that instead of just flying near the ground when u take someone in melle there shoul be an animation like this: