Balance Beam Jump Fix [and ground melee]

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Oct 25, 2005
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Ok the way the beam jump is now :/ its just too cheap you can get away way to easily..(very unbalanced)

How i think it should be for 1.3

-You must hold Jump before beaming to engage the beam jump. If you let go of jump before it touches the ground the beam breaks

-AFter holding jump and the beam hits the ground You may only ride the beam for 1 second, Then the beam breaks... This Balances the beam jump also you still have the momentum from the beam

- If you beam then hold jump the beam will just expload on impact like it normally does when not holding jump in esf 1.2.3

Advantages Of Ground melee Compared to Air melee

-Speed* (sprinting> swoop)

-Less ki cost when using attacks or moving

In my opnion this isn't enough and a new move is needed...

New move: Leep (in order for this to work jumping would need to change)

New Jump System:: jumping height/distance is based on how long you hold jump. If you look up with mouse you jump higher instead of further out.. IF you look downward you jump further out instead of higher

Leep - while on the ground if you hold jump then press tele...You will perform a leep. Your character will go in a straight line from the ground into the air.. Further then the distance of a teleport because of the jmp boost.. also remember that the player isn't swooping so at the end of the Leep the player should fall/glide

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