1. nemesis2290

    2 different DBZ games coming to consoles this fall?!!?!?

    As most of you know, there's an arcade game in Japan called Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale. That game is going to be released later this year for both PS3 and 360 as well as that other new DBZ game, Dragon Ball Game Prject AGE 2011 (temporary title). Which are you getting if either? :D
  2. Skyrider

    Looking for GTA type games

    I'm sure you are familiar with GTA.. The game where you can freelance through the whole city, smash and break stuff. I'm looking for games like this one for the PC.. mind sharing a few community? Thanks!
  3. Mkilbride

    BioWare / EA says they will disable your account / games for negative posts.

    So recently, a user on the BioWare forums left a negative review of some aspects of Dragon Age II. He went to go play it, only to find he was banned from it for 72 hours...for his comments made on the forums. This is out of control these days...I can understand if he did something illegal...
  4. Z Power

    Dead Island! Zombie games are no longer over-rated. :cry:
  5. J

    What is the best video game system to play Madden football and other sports games?

    I haven't owned a video game system since the Super Nintendo. I am interested in buying a more modern one to play Madden football and probably some other sports games. What is the best video game system to play those on?
  6. Mkilbride

    THQ Store - 75% off select games Some nice titles there, like Metro 2033 for 10$, Dawn of War 2 for 5$, ectera.
  7. Painkiller

    Looking for FPS games

    Okay. My dad needs FPS games which will run on his pc. I don't want any joke posts, please. Put some effort in it. 800 mhz CPU 64 video and 128 ram (or 256, not sure)
  8. Mkilbride

    Amazon! 75% off all DOWNLOAD GAMES! Holy ****, there are SOME GOOD GAMEs for their prices. 10$ for ArmA II, 12$ for it's expansion!
  9. N

    New Dragonball Z Games Coming Soon

    Too Bad they re one is in Japanse. It looks really good. DragonBall Kai: Ultimate Butôden Coming to Nintendo DS source
  10. Mkilbride

    THQ - Games are too expensive - Lowering the price point to 40$
  11. Mkilbride

    Retail threatens to not sell Steam games. Ha...
  12. MrPlow

    Any good skating games for the PC?

    So yesterday while i was waiting for a train on my way from college i stumbled upon a Video game store with a few PS3's/360's w/ different games on each for people to test out before buying. I noticed a skateboarding game(Skate 3 i think) and remembered of my "older" days.. i literally grew up...
  13. BlueSaiyan

    DBZ Steam Games.

    A company willing to rebuild ESF or other DBZ games from scratch, and profit on it as a steam game! ---------- Double Post below was added at 12:12 AM has been merged with this post created 12:12 AM at ---------- They should exist.
  14. EvolutionX

    Soaring over the Cell Games

    Hey guys. I just watch the video Soaring over the cell games, and i see a bug (or not) This is texture map bug?
  15. Painkiller

    2D Fighting games (and others)

    Can someone tell me GOOD 2D games which support online play. I really love these kind of games, but I'd like to play with someone online. If possible tell me some other online games(not fighting or w/e, simply online) which I can play with other guys 1v1 or co-op.
  16. hleV

    [Video] Soaring Over the Cell Games
  17. M

    Violent Video Games as Learning Tool

    Something positive, for once. Source:
  18. Painkiller

    Which of these games are you playing now?

    As the title says. I simply want to see which of those games are played the most.
  19. Skyrider

    Free Online War Games?

    Anyone knows if Free War games exist to play online? Take battlefield heroes for example. Asking this for a friend of mine. Regards, Skyrider
  20. The Deco

    The everlasting discussion - Do strategy games make you smarter?

    I read some opinions about it in forums via searching in google. Now im bringing the discussion to this forum. Do strategy games make you smarter? (While you may think it is about board games as well, such as chess, im referring to video games solely) Now I will mention one opinion here -...