1. RobiZ

    Ultimate TOP Video Gaming thread

    If you know any particularly good game for PC tell me. You have to write Name,Genre and what makes it good(optional) and any additional information you want to give. Example: Bioshock Infinite Action Interesting story, pretty graphics, well made characters, places You can explore. P.S there...
  2. dutchmeat

    Doing some research

    Hiho, I've been keeping myself busy with this project ETLive(, our aim is to develop a similar platform as ID Software's Quakelive. The game we're trying to port is called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which is a free WW2 shooter released in 2003. (The game itself...
  3. gerald324

    What Are Capcom Pc Games?

    Just I want To Know..(^_^)
  4. RobiZ

    Free cool games ?

    Hi does anyone knows cool any interesting PC games which are free ? Or better does anyone knows a webpage where you can find some ? :rolleyes:
  5. Mkilbride

    Do you like Penumbra? Do you like The Thing(1982), and horror games? Then BLACK SNOW!

    HL2 Mod One of the better ones. Seriously. Get this guy a team, a job at some studio, perhaps Frictional Games, and a decent budget, and expect gold. A chilling mod...incredible atmosphere, really. Just, bam, the...
  6. Mkilbride

    Troops in Iraq want video games to replace dead friends. I don't know, seems so weird...they lost their tragic...and then they ask for this stuff, I don't know what to make of it honestly. It feels almost like a joke. =/
  7. Deathshot

    PETA vs Video Games

    So... Many of you might have seen these today and yesterday what happened. Trying to save animals in real life and fictional characters...
  8. Mkilbride

    New Steam update allows you to chosse where to install games!

    There was a third party program for that before, but it's now Official! Whoot!
  9. Hellion_Blade

    decent racing games for PC?

    I really want to play something similar to forza motorsport but there doesn't seem to be anything like that for PC! does anyone know of a racing game for PC that has the large amount of tuning and customization like forza or other similar console titles do?
  10. nemesis2290

    Suggestions on what PS3 games to buy?

    Yes, I know.. I made another thread a while back in the Tech Bench with a similar name, just GPU wise. xD Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions on what games to buy for PS3? If anyone's interested my PSN ID is nemesis229o
  11. The Deco

    Looking for heavily plot based action adventure games or RPG games

    I am looking for a heavily plot based games to play - examples would be the force unleashed series and Batman arkham series. games like kotor can get in the equation as well. so please RECOMMEND ME! Do not mention mass effect please.
  12. Skyrider

    Games Added & Removed

    Games that has been removed: - The Wizard of Blox 2 Reason: Easy score with the walk-through. Others are still under consideration. New games added: - Magnetic Marble - Steampunk Killer - Icecream disasters - Alien Incursion Survival - Samurai Fruits - Adapt - Shopping Cart Hero 3
  13. Mkilbride

    Next Xbox will feature Blu-Ray and Anti-Used games feature. I never planned to get an Xbox, so doesn't affect me much, I am sick of this ****, I hear devs complaining about piracy on the PC. Then, devs complain about -USED-...
  14. Skyrider

    New arcade games added - #2

    , , , , , , , , GAMES REMOVED: - None. Have any suggestions? let me know. Good luck folks!
  15. Skyrider

    New arcade games added - Berzerk Ball

    - (Berzerk Ball) A similar game of what phrack asked for. Smash the "nerd" as far as you can: Whatever, you do, don't reload the page/game. You'll lose your savegame / experience points & money. You can however, just copy/paste your final score within this thread if you wish. Click on...
  16. Skyrider

    New arcade games added - #1

    New arcade games added! (Curveball) - The game that Grega wanted to be re-added. (Frogger) - I'm sure everyone knows this game. (Yeti Sports) - You are given 5 tries to get to the highest score! (Ping) - A simple game of ping. If you see any new games outside the ones I mentioned above...
  17. Gspy

    Where did the Forum games go?

    I remember when the forums were in transition to that new web host, for about id say a month, there was a forum game where you built ur amry and such. getting resources and being awesome. Whatever happened to that game? Did you guys stop it because it was bad? and will there ever be any games...
  18. I

    Xbox360 tags and games

    So post your xbox360 tag and games mine Tag:mantis Games:UFC undisputed 2009 and forza motorsport 2
  19. Z Power

    Chinese couple sell their children to play Online games.

    Source Again, I have no words.
  20. Nemix

    Singleplayer Games & Great Movies

    What good singeplayare games and great movies do you recommand me? In 20 July I'll be cut off from the internet, TV and phone at my moms house, my parents divorced and my mom can't afford to pay all these... And I want do download some games and movies I'll use later so I have them on my PC...
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