1. Tsunami

    Crysis 14-Minute Gameplay Video

    A Shaky-Cam Crysis demo around 14 minutes in length. All of it is gameplay with commentary by a developer of the game. Features some waterfall action - Sea footage - Destruction footage - Shack destruction footage
  2. F

    No Map in gameplay

    Im loving this mod! But sometimes i sense something is missing, my map!! Anything you can write in console to get it. Ive never had the map on and would really like to try with it ;) Edit: Ok, may have posted this on the wrong section sorry. Should have gone in Help section :(
  3. T

    New game-play mod.

    You're it Basically you just need to catch a player who is the one It's like playing tag
  4. SailorAlea

    Spore Gameplay Overview [Video!] I don't know where it's from, but it's a very long video detailing Will Wright's next big game, Spore, from the microscopic to the galactic level. Very interesting! Even though the game is months away, it looks like it's finished...
  5. I am T

    ESF 1.1 Gameplay

    *copy and pasted from my previous post in kai clan forums* "originally .:Zen:. Thytomi's idea, this brings 1.1 style of gameplay into 1.2 with just 5 console commands. also needed is the amx pl giver to be able to use mystic krillin for the speed. its really ****en fun, i havent played 1.1...
  6. Mr. Satan

    Guide For Smooth Gameplay

    * Make sure all external programs are closed (especially any download programs!). * Check your computer for adware/spyware/malware with... SPYBOT: Search & Destroy (FREE) Microsoft's Anti-Spyware Beta (FREE) Ad-Aware (FREE - But PRO Version Is Best) would be a good idea too. Another...
  7. R

    gameplay help

    hey just started playing today and for some reason all my blasts/balls well any ki related attacks crash my game when i fire them directly onto another player/bot could someone please help, im a big ki user and not so great on melee as of yet :) so thanks in advance
  8. L

    Gameplay is ****ed Up

    a great mod really but gameplay is totally ****ed up for every standart player like me cause everytime you start playing one of these freaks is starting to perma stun and toss around with boost + right mouse button combo i and i guess a lot of other players are pissed by that even if you...
  9. imkongkong

    Fave Final Fantasy STORY and GAMEPLAY

    NOT the graphics, NOT the WOW 3D world haxor omg.. which final fantasy story and gameplay is your overall favorite?? mine is ff6... its freakin awesome >_< next would b ff7 for me
  10. C

    2 Gameplay Suggestions

    you should change the hud to where it shows your max ki/health as well as your current ki/health and one more thing, I dunno if it's already like this but, when you get into a power stuggle (when two blasts collide) I knoticed that power level is the only factor to who wins the struggle, you...
  11. manontherun

    List for improving gameplay and speed

    (Possibly) Controls 1. Allow the ability to shoot/charge generic B or ki blast while swooping (fingerlaser/eyelaser to? :D ).... 2. Remove the teleport delay or possibly make the delay shorter. 3a. Improve the smoothness of the game (Ex:..when you swoop then float, it should slowly and...
  12. Q

    My ESF is hanging during gameplay with bots

    And I have one problem with ESF. When I play with bots usually after an houre the game is hanging; stoping. Is that some kind of error?
  13. True-Warrior15

    ESF 1.2.2 Crashes during gameplay

    I dont know why but my esf still crashes to the desktop or just freezes my whole computer and then I have to restart my whole computer and I have the esf 1.2.2 patch, I play online but I dont know why it still crashes. Connection: DSL 12.0mbps Computer Specs Microsoft Windows Xp: Home...
  14. True-Warrior15

    ESF gets problem during gameplay

    When I play online for a while (like a couple of hours) my game freezes during gameplay then nothing works not even the keyboard it freezes, what is the problem and how can I fix it. This problem started yesterday and i've been playing this game for over a week.
  15. Hyper Chi Aura

    Post your gameplay screenshots

    I thought this looked pretty cool and if you gotta say "who the hell would have time to take a screenshot while fighting?" then yeh that makes sense too
  16. O

    Noob question on gameplay!

    Hey im brand new to this game and i wanted to know a few things. How do melee attacks work? Also how does super saiyan work? Is the gameplay similiar to Bid for Power(Q3 Mod)?
  17. D

    Gameplay Problem Since Release-Unsolved

    Hi, I've posted the question before, maybe someone can try and figure it out again. Been having this problem since 1.2 was released. Ok..( done this many times) I've installed Halflife. I download and install the patch. Install esf 1.2. Now, half the time I've done it, I DID NOT get...
  18. S

    Spirit Bomb Gameplay idea

    As far as i know the SB's power and explosion is already based on the server average powerlevel.. Perhaps it would be nice to base it's power on the PL gap between the player with the most PL and the one with the least.. (or perhaps that of the server nr2) That way, if there is one player...
  19. K

    About the Virtual Memory to improve Gameplay...

    Someone posted something about adding a gig or two to it, to increase performance of ESF and other games. How was it, that you do it?
  20. B

    ESF just quits on me during gameplay

    ESF has been closing on me for no reason at no particular time. I'd just be playing on a server or on a LAN server and for no reason it'd quit and take me to my desktop, I tried re-installing and it doesn't help.