1. -Blaze-

    Fallout 3 gameplay!

    So Bethesda releases a video of what the game looks like. I don't really know what to say :\ I wouldnt call this game a sequel, but rather a game INSPIRED by Fallout. Looks awesome though. DISCUSS!
  2. Optimus Prime

    Graphics vs Gameplay: The Great Debate Returns

    We've had this debate numerous times, and I recently had a conversation with a friend that brought the Metal Gear series into the mix. I was trying to argue the point that quite often, better graphics are what compliment better gameplay, using MGS4 as an example. He argued that graphics don't...
  3. -Origin

    Recording 360 gameplay.

    Alright, I think this should belong in Video Gaming.. and if it doesn't.. well move it. Anyway, I have a question. I'm interested in making Gameplay video's of a lot of different games on my 360. Now, I've tried recording with my mobile phone and although it's not too bad a quality (see...
  4. Barney

    Gears of War 2 gameplay footage

    First footage of GoW2. I know it's not a well-liked game around these parts, but I enjoyed the game and can't wait for this one. Plus it looks like they've upgraded some things. Using bodies as shields and having chainsaw battles ftw!!!
  5. M

    Burst Limit - Another Gameplay Video

    Exclusive Burly Brawls and Super Saiyans -
  6. M

    Mirror's Edge - Gameplay Trailer
  7. M

    Soulcalibur 4 - Gameplay Teaser + New Trailer

    Gameplay Teaser - New Trailer -
  8. M

    Star Wars - The Force Unleashed [Gameplay]
  9. Phobius

    Street Fighter IV GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE! This looks hot and I'm glad their sticking to mostly 2d with a bit of 3rd cause thats what street fighter needs to stay as in my opinion. Also Yoshinori Ono talks about people online not having to worry about new players fighting the expert players...
  10. M

    Left 4 Dead Gameplay Video

    The quality isn't the greatest, but that's to be expected when someone records it with a camcorder. Warning - video contains a little swearing.
  11. Optimus Prime

    GTA 4 second trailer to include gameplay footage!

    I think this is the one we've really been waiting for, June 28th, 12:00pm EDT.
  12. Spunky

    StarCraft II Gameplay Video :O ^_^
  13. Dokutayuu

    New Basic Melee Ideas yet Suggestions indeed made to help ESF gameplay develop

    I've noticed that in DBZ, the main method of combat isn't smacking them with single hits around the world... Many attacks are small physical attacks that do little... so why not in ESF? 1) Left-click - *This is your standard strong attack, it delivers a nice punch/kick/headbutt (depending...
  14. Spunky

    ESF Gameplay Had lots of fun making this. Enjoy, and post C&C! :)
  15. VideoJinx

    Melee Gameplay improvements

    Recovery - I think the currenty recovery kinda slows esf down. It would be neat if this idea could be implimented. After Being hit with basic melee, instead of holding a button and preying u have enough ki to recover, you a random set of 4 arrows should be generated. - Yes the arrows can...
  16. Dokutayuu

    A few questions regarding gameplay

    I've got a few questions regarding gameplay: Do short charged beams travel at the same speed as longer charged ones (they seem quicker to me) The 2nd fire of Ki blasts curve but can be fired more rapidly? If two blasts of equal power collide they stand stationary, but what else? I've...
  17. sub

    Assassins Creed Gameplay

    Check it out It's making me want to buy a 360
  18. sub

    HL2: EP2, Portal and TF2 gameplay footage released
  19. VideoJinx

    GamePlay Improvement Ideas

    Ok i believe i just thought of 2 great ideas.. Ok first watch this section of this video 01:28 - 01:33 Ok you notice that vegeta comes flying and tries to hit him while he's on the ground even tho goku has...
  20. VideoJinx

    Changed Beam Gameplay

    Ok.. In my opinion I believe the beam spam is a big problem.. and if the team leaves the beams as they're now esf 1.3 will have the same problem. Here is my solution.. First, I say add a "special meter" bar that gradually fills as you fight.( Fills faster as you give damage, very slowly...