1. Ness

    Gameplay performance

    It keeps on perfoming in a choppy way. ESF will play properly with a good frame rate for about 20-30secs, then it will suddenly freeze for about 2 or 3 seconds. Can some1 help me? :cry:
  2. S

    Gameplay Problems

    I reinstalled my Windows XP today as well as my ESF, but now when i play on the internet there is some sort of delay. Sometimes when I press "a" to stafe left, it reacts 2-3 seconds later. Also the keyboard won't work well with the mouse. It is like this for all my mods, can someone help me...
  3. K


    You need some more SSJ :D for example, normally on Goku: 2,mil = ssj1 3,100,000 = ascended ssj2 5,000,000 = ssj3 8,430,000= ssj4 etc.. you get the point :P that would be so awesome, and make it a little realistic cause its hard to even reach ssj1 :P and gohan hits ssj1 to fast so its kinda...
  4. Alex_b77

    HALO 2 GAMEPLAY sweet....

    heres the link (this game is awesome)
  5. GhostfaceKillah

    HL2 gameplay clip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right click > save target as... JUST WATCH IT ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. B

    small suggestions, for gameplay

    should be able to walk with turbo, you cant at the moment -i like to feel big when people are down trunks should start with a power level of 650,000, he is supposed to but in reality it is 700,000
  7. [SoB]-Bones-

    New Gameplay Mode

    So what aout a GAmeplay mode like : Mr.Badguy vs DBZ crew Like the legendary Super Saiyajin ( Brolly , dont know how its written in english version of DBZ ) against vegeta and so on ... so that 1 player becomes a really strong player with nice features , and the other players need to fight...
  8. C

    New Gameplay Mode Idea!

    Hey I was thinking about a new gameplay mode... Like the sagas... Make one evil guy VERY strong VS 4 others... Like 25.000.000 BUU against 4 65.00.0 sayins... =D well you get the idea.. My english sucks :cry:
  9. P

    request for nappa model

    he need to be like in the episdoe big muscels and angry i dont know anything in grafics and this things but the people that know can do it i trust you!!!!
  10. M

    New Gameplay Mode...what do you guys think?

    I would really love to see a king of the ring gameplay mode. Where people would go 1 on 1 in Cell's tournament or somewhere else and the rest would sit out and watch. There would be a time limit of course. One would lose by touching the ground or dying and if the time runs out the person who did...
  11. Morrone

    Gameplay Suggestions

    Alright, I am be new to the forum but I have been playing this game since Beta 1.0 was released. I'm sure not everyone will agree with my suggestions and maybe some of my suggestions have already been said. So please dont hate. I would first like to say I love the concept of 'stuggles' and I...
  12. catfish

    Outer space arena map

    I'm not one to talk about bad maps because I've tried mapping before and it's a hard task. But i have some suggestions about the esf_battlearena map. 1. Make it higher a bit - you come out of the arenas and hit your head almost straight away, it feels claustrophobic. Just a suggestion. 2...
  13. X

    Recording ESF Gameplay

    I was wonderin if you can tell me how you recorded the gameplay of esf?? from a webcam??? or a camcorder or program??? if it's a program plz tell :) i owuld like to show my friends some music videos i would make o_o
  14. Q

    small grammar error in gameplay manual

    you know, the flash thingie released before beta 1.0 I'll quote: shouldn't it be absorbs? ^^
  15. [SoB]-Bones-

    Special Gameplay mode

    So what about the Gameplay Modes ? I hope there will be a Mode like "z fighters vs the bad bad boy" so that 1 player can chose an bad boy and is much stronger than all the others but the others can fight him together ... so you are able to make fights like they are in the dbz movies ... plz post...
  16. S

    Many suggestions to help gameplay

    1. make blocking analog (hold down key, longer held down the stronger you can block) (analog, like shooting, its only when you press the key) 2. same with powering up, i have seen characters increase thier powerlevels to massive amounts in this way (in the show) 3. please let us use the...
  17. BoB

    Advanced Gameplay Mode?

    May i say as my first post that this forum and mod rokx!!! I've played both both Dragon Mod Z and ESF a helluva lot over the past week i've had them. The conclusion i've come to, is that if there was any way ESF could implement a mode of play that required certain keypresses in order to make...