1. S

    Giving my self full power

    How do I give my self full power lvl so I can test out each transformation? for openbeta lol
  2. Enix

    Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Well the second FMA series started today and I guess it will be subbed and broadcast by funimation 4 days after it airs in japan i guess. But it has already been subbed and released by Shinsen-Subs in 720p widescreen :D. I just finished the first episode and I'm kinda confused. I'm not sure...
  3. Spunky

    Problem with Full Spectrum Warrior...

    Ok, when I launch FSW, I get this: No matter how many times I launch it. I've read the thing about the resolution.cfg file. I deleted that. It did nothing to fix the problem. So now I'm wondering if anybody else here has had this problem and if so, how they fixed it. Help is appreciated. :(...
  4. Morvin

    Full power mode...

    I was looking some ps2 dbz games so It came to me an idea of an feature that it could be an great addition to the game and would be a lot more like the dbz universe. So I will post here his positive and negative point: FULL POWER MODE Positive points: - It would be the way to achieve...
  5. Viper

    Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant

    The original article can be found here: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/archives/141821.asp It already says that it's a 5 year old email, but maybe not everybody knows about it :) .
  6. Dokutayuu

    Full Metal Alchemist was awesome, I miss it...

    I just finished watching the anime then the movie. I've read some of the manga (first few chapters) but I've noticed that after that it'll be all gone. The Elric brothers were such awesome characters, I'm happy they're together but it's over. I really enjoyed it, anyone recommend anything for...
  7. True-Warrior

    Full Sail Requirements

    Hey everyone I was wondering does anybody know the specific details about getting into Full Sail? I have been searching my ass off and can't find anything... I hear alot of bad things about it but I dont really care about that because I know in order to enjoy that school you gotta enjoy what...
  8. vinay87

    A link to the full latest openbeta?

    I have the february build.... I wanna get the whole file again(Deleted that... :|). I mean the latest. But HL2files seems to have only the patch. Anyone know where I can find the whole open beta?
  9. V

    Will there be an exectutable in the full 1.3 version?

    Is the full version gonna have an executable?
  10. Barney's_Soul

    Full Metal Alchemist(spoilers)

    I just watched the final episode, and man this series was awesome, it was perfect besides the fact that it had too many episodes(would have been much better if the story had been compressed), but discuss people! What did you all think?
  11. W

    Full ESF Feature list (up to and including v1.3)

    Is there currently a FULL feature list which includes everything that will be new and changed in v1.3 and the things from 1.2 which won't be changed? I.e. is there a COMPREHENSIVE feature list for ESF? I've been looking for a while and to no avail :(. This a a fantastic mod, it's a...
  12. Dokutayuu

    Hit before full respawn

    I made my own server, spawned a bot and found I could hit it (knock it away with melee or an explosion moving it slightly) before they stopped flashing with the halo.
  13. Z

    contest #9 - full metal alchamist

    DESCRIPTION: This competition is about all full metal alchamist characters. Here you can Model you fma Character or Even Redesign him if you want to. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES: - A Character from fma - Polycount up...
  14. Z

    centest #9 full metal alchamist

    DESCRIPTION: This competition is about all full metal alchamist characters. Here you can Model you fma Character or Even Redesign him if you want to. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES: - A Character from fma - Polycount up...
  15. Valeska

    Full Bloodfang

    Just did an fast line Drawing in PS. it and came out pretty nice. dunno if its gonna finish in whatever ill just see later. crits and comments welcome however this was done in less then 15min. Ps, Its my WoW character Yeah
  16. S

    The Full Metal Alchemist

    These last 3 days i've been working on Edward Elric. I made it for a friend of mine, so i wont release it for esf, unless he doesn't mind me doing so. credits to eclipse for lending me his Alphonse model and for sharing his edward refs with me, thnx man. 1642 polies for the...
  17. DBXMe2

    Torso and maybe FuLL BODY SOON Model! BY ME :P

    Well I got tiered of seeing noob models, so I took a crack at it.. came out alright... Made in Maya.. dont know the poly count didnt look.. definetly going to smooth later for fun ^_^ besides that its ya.. that.. Cool ref me likey.. creds to ref maker.. sorry dont remember ur name dude.. gots...
  18. Ultimate Trunks

    Some Models I downloaded have FULL SKELETONS!!!

    Some Models I got from http://www.esf-world.com/download.php?ordner_id=53 have a full SKELETON! for ESF 1.2 and 1.2.1 beta patch! have a look USSJ Vegeta SSJ3 Goku I also have models of Frieza form 4, SSJ2 Gohan, Trunks better Version, Piccolo with a cape, Vegetto, Super Buu, and more all...
  19. B

    Full Time Animator needed.

    Like the title states Looking for a skilled animator, who likes animating Anything [from people to creatures] The mod is currently an open Alpha, it is an RPG, you can check out the Website at **link edited** The mod has a significant amount of code completed, a good amount of...
  20. S

    My first full body skin!!!

    Since I work for DBH now as I skinner, i'v been praticing and i'v been taught. Im still learning so its not that good. IM taking crits! The skin is 100% mine. The nose on the model is f*cked up so I didnt make the model. CRITS!!!!! NOW!!! REVERSE