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Dec 10, 2002
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This competition is about all full metal alchamist characters.
Here you can Model you fma Character or Even Redesign him if you want to.


- A Character from fma

- Polycount up to 3000 Tris ,Minimum 2000

- Uvwmaps : 2 x 512 ; 1x256 allowed, all kind of maps allowed

- The Character "can" but has not to be redesigned!

- Team up allowed: 1x Modler, 1x Skinner, 1x Concept Artist , 1x Uvwmapper, 1x Rigger (for poses)



Your final entry must contain the following:

-Concepts/Refs ,Sources (if you have any)

- 4 Wire/Flat Pics : Front,Back,Side, 3/4

- Textures

- Description about the Character (where does he/she come from)

- Render/Pose (you can do a special envoirment for the Final pose and you can do as much as you want of them)



The Judging team will be the Puplic this time too, So try to do a nice render, and to get the hearts of the puplic with your Skills and your Render.

DEADLINE: 08/30/06
For Europeans that's 30/08/06

Have fun and enjoy this Competition!

i took tryforces basic concept of the previous compo lol so crits to him for that i just redid some parts.

im not fully aware if i can start this competition but i havent seen one in 18 days so meh.

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