1. H

    Revenge Deathball for Baby

    Hey, someone can help me? i have a baby vegeta, but he don't haves the revenge ball (the ball look like genki dama, but his color are black and blue and he haves in middle a little circles in white)
  2. Sting

    Frieza's Deathball

    I was wondering if the charge of the deathball can be changed in ESF1.2.3. I tryed to move the attachments on a frieza model but nothing really changed. And was wondering if they also used the right attachments for this. The charge is now in his center of his body and not above his finger...
  3. Nuttzy

    err, new deathball i guess

    this lil project was more or less just me fiddling around with the fire effects within 3dstudio max, as I had seen Logan do over at BTL, and I figured since I had max installed ANYWAYS id give it a shot. this was my first sprite,.... ever. and ive only tested it ingame once, so there may be...
  4. skizer


    Hey yo, i have make a new deathball and want to know your comments ^^! rate it pls 0/10 and some feedback :P >>click0r me<<
  5. D

    DeathBall VollyBall

    Maybe we could have a special mode were The evil team has try to to shoot death ball (or any other big special attacK) across the map and hit the other side while the other team has to block it... If you block sucussfully for 5 mins you win (when on good team) and if the evil team hits the good...
  6. jp

    Just a little deathball sugestion...

    Okay not sure if anyone sugested this, i did search but didn't find anything allike... I think the deathball looks stupid... no offence, but its just a 2d picture, that is suposed to be a ball of destructive energy.... but it doesn't look that way... ofcourse some sprites at esf world can...
  7. Ravendust

    Alternate Deathball

    How about implementing Frieza's double handed deathball as the Deathball's alternate fire? It could charge twice as fast but has a smaller maximum size, and uses slightly less ki, so it would be faster but weaker. You could re-use the telekinisis animation for this mode of fire.
  8. wheres_

    deathball sprite

    my suggestion is that they raise the attatcment point for the death ball on the second form frieza model so the damn death ball isnt in your face when you charge it up
  9. Warbandit

    New Deathball!

    Ok i see if u like meh new deathbally! Yey! Credits:Guillium , warbandit. You like=i release ok here deathbally: Deathballyexplosion!: any changes needed? if so plz tell crits/comments!
  10. M

    new Deathball Charge sound thnx for Mark for hosting it tell me what do you think? its original! never heard b4! gurantied! (use it in game, it sounds a lil diff there!)
  11. S

    new sound for deathball and burning attack

    i made 2 new sound for esf _deathball _burning attack you can download it on tell me what do you think about it O_o
  12. D

    what a deathball should be

    a perfect looking sprite for a deathball charge a perfect sized and look for a deathball release
  13. S

    New Deathball v1.0

    Ok heres my latest sprite if u havent notice most of my sprites are like budokai 2 because i got inspired to do them and its hard to see but there is lighting around the deathball its also animated. P.S. later ill post the d/l link first i have to eat, watch SWAT, and then upload it to my site.
  14. D

    DeathBall V1.1

    heres my first sprite its animated but looks a bit strange Death Ball v 1.1 tell me what you think but dont repeat problems already mentioned
  15. L

    new deathball

    new deathball ^^ tell me what u think
  16. Wizard's Curse

    My Deathball Sprite!

    The name speaks for itself O_o D/L: Deathball! Thx Goten-son for hosting :D I know you like it .. ;) Comments plz !
  17. U

    Deathball size...

    i'we noticed when you charge the deathball at the minium the size is just like when its fully charged. like this.. i hope its just a bug and it will be changed in future release..
  18. B

    Deathball,Bigbang,Final flash,kameha,: Which gives more bang for its buck??

    read the topic, i think bigbang but if frezza has a 2 power muti on trans then deathball
  19. I

    Need a modeler thats not on a project.

    Well...I started a model, but i got 2 days left on my freeware MS3d (never should a gave my registered one to my cousin) and its gonna take me much longer than that to finish it. I'm trying to make a SamariGoku. Here's a pic... Since beta 1.1 isn't out yet..i have no clue how to make it look...
  20. T

    Deathball + ki blob

    I threw a ki blob into someone deathball and the deathball just sat there. Not sure if it was moving at all because the player ran into his own ball a second or two after i threw the ki blob.