1. _Raptor_

    A new couple of suggestions

    I have some suggestions for the new wersion of ESF :) I write them in points... 1. Another tranformations... really good idea but the second and third transformation sholud be more and more though. Egzample this on Vegeta... SSj - powerlevel 2 000 000 USSj (if will be added) - powerlevel...
  2. Hyper Chi Aura

    a couple of suggestions...

    1) There's a way to take screenshots some how I think...but what if you could record a movie in AVI format? Like just set a new button to the "avi menu" (like "=" brigns up the bot menu) and u start recording from your point of view and you just go back to it to stop the recording. 2) This...
  3. SsJ0GoHaN

    Couple Sigs i threw together...

    soo... whadda ya think?
  4. S

    A couple suggestions

    Fisrt off is just a renovation i think is needed. The class selection screen is...pretty dull. just a graphical update an whalah. it just looks too plain and takes away from the beauty of the rest of the game _____________ My next suggestion is about gohan, my favoite character. The...
  5. P

    couple of new siqs

    Recently Made: First Gaara: And then Naruto: I posted these here becouse i cant get any c&c at ntp forums :( C&C :D
  6. J

    Couple Suggestions

    1.Now my first idea is that when somone is standing on the ground and is hit by basic meele they will skid their feet across the ground and leave skid marks or boot marks and/or even make some dust or rocks fly. 2. Adding the idea that was not implemented in 1.2 Pumping PS. With secondary...
  7. TwisteR

    A couple of ideas.

    Ok for the first idea. 1) 360 degree vertical swooping. Right now you can only swoop up, at a 90 degree angle. So no matter how far you pull your mouse down, you will look straight up. What im suggesting has the same concept as horizontally moving your mouse left and right. It has no...
  8. Z

    Couple of tiny suggestions

    1) Melee Struggles, since 1.2.1 is gonna be speeding up arrow time, I suggest as two characters enter a Prepunch headon, they start screaming/grunting as in the show and there is actually some sort of motion from the characters. This is actually a suggestion from one of my friends who I have...
  9. D

    Couple Questions....

    Ok, so here's some questions I have xD 1. How do you ban in Steam? I tried the Won way but it just didn't work... banid 0 # kick... That's what I tried. 2. Are esf 1.1 maps, sprites, and models compatible with 1.2? That's it I guess.... Spnx.
  10. F

    A couple of questions(For all viewers)

    Question: 1.) The things bots say.... are they recorded messages or are they actaully talking to you as like a real person... 2.) Does the team get paid for there work? If not, whats the point of making the game? Your waisint your time on something that will not get you anywhere. 3.) When...
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    couple sigs i made for people

  12. SSjGohan12345

    A couple of questions about 1.2

    A couple of questions, 1) Will esf work on normal half life? 2) When does esf 1.2 come out in the Uk, is it 10pm? 3) When does the party start in the Uk? Cheers for the responces, if any
  13. SSjGohan12345

    A couple of questions

    A couple of questions, 1) Will esf work on normal half life? 2) When does esf 1.2 come out in the Uk, is it 10pm? 3) When does the party start in the Uk? Cheers for the responces, if any
  14. TwisteR

    Couple steam questions.

    Normally when you want to add a custom map, all you have to do is add it to the maps folder, or when you want to replace a model for a custom one, al lyou have to do is overwrite the one you want to replace. Its not like that for steam. Like for the mod Dod for example. I look in the...
  15. M

    A couple of questions about 1.2

    Hey, I dont hope im putting up any too noobish questions: 1# What is the teams next project in the outline? If they are about getting done with the advanced melee, then whats next? 2# Will smo be working on the adult gohan? 3# About the new explosions: Will they be larger as a function of...
  16. M

    My Esf crashes after only a couple of minutes!

    My Esf crashes after a couple of minutes of gameplay! (This occurs to most hl mods Im playing)! sometimes and can play for 30 minutes...other times it crashes after 3-4 minutes! I would like to get any help on this!
  17. V

    a couple a matchin sigs

    well whatcha think, i like em, seeing as how i am a newb to PS and i made those using PS7 with no plug ins, i didnt use bryce or anything
  18. G

    please help with using downloaded sprites, models, maps.and a couple other things.

    please help! need a SPECIFIC STEP BY STEP walkthrough for downloading and using downloaded sprites/models/maps. whatever u did to make urs work. most are from also need help with: sometimes game exits esf for no can i stop my resources from running out so fast...
  19. M

    I have couple of questions for models

    When are the official model going to come out for SSJ2 Goku (is there suppose to be one??????) SSJ3 Goku Broli Pan Tien Kid Buu and other models
  20. S

    A couple of new ideas

    1. Say your desperately low on ki, and you can't fly to another spot so you are forced to stay and charge, suddendly BAM a beam smacks you right in the ass and you die. Well one thing I would suggest (hopefully not suggested before), is the auto-evade. Since ESF is sort of an rpg, because you...