1. Hiiragidaniel

    Just a couple of new guys. We like introductions.

    Me and my friend just found this mod, which was a big surprise for both of us considering we're both huge DBZ fans and never came across this before. I go by UGC Fox through steam and my friend goes by UGC Mouse. Looking forward to playing with you all and getting into the game. Don't be...
  2. TantrixChaos

    Couple questions and Such. Hi btw =)

    Hey, i salute the done when its done way of thinking. The current 1.3 is great even though its broken, the only really big thing that bugs me is that i can't play against bot's to flutter my time away. 1.2.3 is good, but it starts to really feel dated. I like the screenshots everyweek...
  3. Z Power

    Chinese couple sell their children to play Online games.

    Source Again, I have no words.
  4. Damaera

    Couple names their offspring "Robert"

    No article, but just thought I'd let you guys know that a couple just named their newborn Robert.
  5. Mkilbride

    Egyptian couple names baby Facebook, in honor of the role it played in the revolution
  6. Didgy

    A couple of questions

    Hope this is in the right section:p So i were watching some videos, and i wondered: Is there possible to play as Bebi in ECX? if you have AF pack, you already have the Bebi models. also, the Oozaru models are already in ECX, why cant you transform into an oozaru? Also i see that people...
  7. I

    A couple of sigs.

  8. Mr.Lukyas

    The best couple in DBZ is...?

    What do U think is the best love couple in DBZ anime. I think it's Kame Roshi and Lunch. Aren't they cute? Expecially when she gets her blond hair;)
  9. B

    Problem with servers!also a couple of questions

    So i try to join a server and this pops up, variable server overflow... or something like that anyway.....anyone know how to fix that? Also when i did get into one.... This guy swoops me hits me into the air and almost instently swoops me and hits me again, and then he swoops me knocks...
  10. Barney

    A couple of renders

    Here's some stuff I've been working on in lightwave... My lightsaber hilt Thor's hammer Mjolnir. I've made some ninja weapons as well but haven't skinned em or added any color to them so I'll get to that soon. I'm also making this sweet evil guitar amp thing which I'll be done...
  11. Growler

    Couple of new drawings~

    Did these of my friend~ and a cool b+w bimp
  12. liad

    couple more bugs

    okay some of those im not sure they are bugs maybe they were planned like that. okay first u can hit your own buddy (doesnt have anything to do with friendly fire since it was off). im not sure if its a bug or was planned since its kinda wierd that u can hit your own buddy (the buddy system is...
  13. -Blaze-

    Which "Naruto" couple is da cutiest?

    Whitch of these couples is the cutiest? My is Naruto and Hinata, they both are just sooooooo cute. Geez... and that pervert Naruto doesn"t relise that Hinata"s in love with him...:S Oh and btw, i didn"t mentioned lots of couples, so ur welcome to wote about others....
  14. N

    A couple of questions

    Will it run in Counter-Strike 1.6? If it will, how do you get it to because no matter what I just can't get it.
  15. F

    A couple chars i thought up!

    I was bored so i made a couple characters. They are medieval characters too! Don't laugh i you dont like em though! Name: Schariom Gender: Male Height: 8’5 Personality: Schariom is the exact opposite of his sister. He carries around two swords, One of fire, one of blood. He is a...
  16. K

    a couple of issues

    There are two things that are kind of annoying in ESF right now. the first is that when you block a basic melee hit you can instantly counter with advanced melee, not much of a problem vs noobs but when you play somebody who is already better than you and they constantly use this to throw you...
  17. C

    Portsmouth New Hamsphire... been working on this the last couple weeks.

    OK this is something I have been working on the last couple of weeks just for fun. Just did the lighting few hours ago and thought that it was time to show the world :P Tell me whats on your mind.
  18. seb

    Couple questions

    allright, so in esf 1.3, your gonna be able to go to like 2nd, 3rd and 4th transformation like i read for sure now? any 1 have any idea when its comming out?
  19. N

    A couple things

    Here are just a couple suggestions from me: I think it would be really cool if you added the light rays that stand out of the Kamehameha when it's charging for some eye candy Buu's mouth blast should not be turnable becuz it is a straight beam but it still goes wherever you aim your...
  20. D

    couple of ideas

    1. if its possible to do this at all: i was thinking maybe you could make the swoop thing so that when you swoop down you gain speed instead of staying the same speed the whole time i just thought this would make more sense... 2. rage free for all gamemode: a simple game thats pretty...