1. M

    Warning: connection problems

    I need help. after about 20 to 60 mins into every game all the characters onscreen freeze (including me) and then they disappear and on the upper right part this message pops up in red. Warning: connection problems. it's really ruining my games to answer some of the questions you'll...
  2. F

    Connection Lost

    i have installed this like 3 times and i still get kicked after 10 minutes of play. Why? I own HL and all other mods work great but i just cant stay in a server for long enough to transform. This happens every time like clockwork to every server. Cable internet but its a good line. whats goin on??
  3. F

    Connection lost

    i have installed this like 3 times and i still get kicked after 10 minutes of play. Why? I own HL and all other mods work great but i just cant stay in a server for long enough to transform.:confused:
  4. Z

    Connection Problems

    Ok well i'm having problems connecting to servers I know theres been alot of topics about connection problems but i haven't seen any that had anythign like my problems really its not that i get any errors but when I try to connect to a server it basicly just freezes up in the middle of the...
  5. I

    connection problem

    i am now at my friends and his esf wont connect to any servers for some reason and it says "you cannot connect to a server using a different protocol" how do i solve this??
  6. T

    Connection server timed out! Help Me!

    I keep on getting Connection server timed out while playing how do i fix this
  7. R

    ah connection problems...

    goooooooood loooooooord can someone explain to me why all games except player-made games say connection problem after about 10 minutes of gaming? is it just me or is everyone getting this...the time varies from when i get into the server but its roughly 10 minutes and after i get out i filter...
  8. G

    Connection problem

    Ok, for the last....god knows how long, everytime i try to do a "quick start" of ESF it starts searching for servers, then it comes up "server connection failed" or summin similar every feckin time....anyone know y? what can i do so i can connect?
  9. maxigt

    Connection problems?!?

    HELP! Whenever I try to join a server, I says "You cannot connect to a server which is operating under a different protocol version". ;( And when I try to create a new one, it performes an illegal operation. ;(
  10. Lone Wolf

    Connection problems

    About every 15 min I play, theres a connection problem if I'm in a server that I joined.... at first I didnt really care... but now its getting a little annoying.... can anyone help with this? - Edit: If not then its ok.... ill just reconnect after a while :S
  11. Z

    won connection

    does anyone here know how i can get won to connect? when i join a server its just stopping on connecting to server and i could wait there for 5 min and nothing would happen because won wont connect so can anyone help?
  12. M

    Connection to server timeout, BUT I GOT DSL!

    yo omg this is so not fair.......... i just got this esf installed again and every time i try to connect it takes some time and then it says connection to server timeout! PLEASE HELP ME! I BEG YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: i also like the new esf web page its nice :)
  13. E

    COnnection problems><

    WWhy i cant connect to a server? it tells me that "different protocol version"
  14. L

    Sig Host Going to Be Taken Down

    Topic says it all. for some strange reaosn shaw is complaining about my connection and is forcing me to stop hosting. ohh well nothing i can do till i get a new sdsl line or new cable isp. sorry guys and gals
  15. D

    could not complete connection attept

    i applied the patch but now it says:could not complete connection attept,when i click on quick start...can it be because of my router?
  16. O

    Connection Problems

    Often, when I've been playing ESF for a while, I get a Connection Problem. I'm wondering whether it's the fault of ESF beta 1, the server or my computer. DOes anyone know?
  17. Hitokiri

    What's the connection

    You musta noticed that the fusion clothing of gotenks and majin buu's clothing are essentially the same thing minus a cape and the letter M. What's up with that? what connection does majin buu have to fusion and the metamarines (founders of the fusion dance)? I can't think of ne thing...;/
  18. D

    connection problem

    this happened to me a while back playing cs...i would be playing for a while, then all of the sudden i get a connection problem in the upper right hand corner. eventually they went away and i havent had them since, but now they are doing that for ESF. does anyone know of a specific reason, or...
  19. S

    Gametiger connection

    Hi, uhm to let gametiger connect to servers automatically I need to configure it to the ESF executable....but there is no ESF executable. How do I do this? Is there a command I can type for esf to automatically connect to a certain server?
  20. S

    System Connection Problem

    Just thought you might like to know that when ever the server request a pldecal.wad file it disconnects all users. hope this helps SupaVegitto