1. M

    Termination of internet connection??

    Chimpbot wrote this in the forum rules thread: WARNING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a final note, please refrain from advertising for your mod and recruiting team members. This forum is for ESF, not your plethora of mods...
  2. C

    A gamers net connection should be........

    Hey, I have jetstarter (DSL), but its only good in my country, so what do you "hard core gamers" use :]
  3. D

    Connection probs again

    I can't join any games at all, and I have no filters I dunno what's going on......
  4. ssjFajita

    Steam connection help?

    This is related not only to ESF, but all of my STEAM games. I am getting this new error that says that steam cannot contact the master game server. This has never happened before and it is happening to all my friends in the dorm that I live in. I know that my school isn't causing the problem...
  5. P

    internet connection

    when I try to set up the mulitplayer options it tries to update my files, but it says that it can't make a connection. What's up with that? If I didn't have a connection I woulnd't be able to download it in the first place. newayz.. help me out please.... can't download updates. Can't dl...
  6. W

    Connection ****

    :cry: hey guys i got very **** prob. when i allways connect to server (all servers) it`s loggin on WON and then it write to me: Connection exept by bla bla bla.... and than it`s stuck! until 1 min and than i need to write : "retry" to connect again and than it works!! but how to solve...
  7. S

    Internet Connection Choice

    Ok,i have comcast high speed internet,but i dont know what connection to choose,do i pick dsl gretaer than 256 or lan/t1 or what?!?
  8. G

    connection probs

    Has anyone else besides me had problems trying to connect to the webpage? it just seems like it went back to normal and no one has said anything about it.
  9. darknavigator

    Uhhh... Connection Timed Out?

    When I connect to a game, when it says "120 seconds until connected to server" or something like that, it goes to "116" then I actually have to wait 116 seconds. Then it goes back to the game screen and says "Could not complete connection". This also happens in Steam. After getting back to the...
  10. G

    Could not complete connection attempt.

    Can anywhone help me? I cant connect to enternet games because it says that my half-life cd-key is invalid or could not complete connection attempt. What can i do about that? p.s how can i play lan games? Thanks.
  11. Trov

    Meh, two movies that might have a connection.

    I was thinking. What's the difference between the Matrix and Terminator Series? The Terminator Series is about a boy who will grow up to fight in war and become a great figher against the machines. Now, Do any of the Terminator movies show if the humans win the war? I know T1 and T2...
  12. M

    Help on lag connection problem - and Im the happiest man on ESF!

    I cant rename it , I meant "Help on LA*N connection" and not "LAG connection"... whenever I try to Join My Bro's game on our lan or he to mine I get a messege like this exactly: "you cannot connect to a server running custom game esf until you install the custom game" "OK" "CANCEL"...
  13. R

    3d studio max..

    Heh, I have alot of experience in modeling with milkshape .. i was wondering if 3d studio max is the same? cuz I downloaded it .. I need some tutorials for it, i looked for ages and found none, can any gimme a hand?
  14. Z

    Connection Problem (only small. plz help)

    Ok i begin to connect to an internet game but then it goes to 11seconds and says it timed out, How do i change the ti9me out time? or how do i fix this? :S
  15. S

    KI's Connection Sprite/Code problem

    I've come to notice when I was a spectator during a PS, that the KI's alignment was quite.. awkward. I went into a further investigation and some Dr. Peppers, and come to this conclusion. When you add more KI to your beam the ending Ki Sprite doesnt enlarge, but more of an invisible sphere...
  16. Wangster

    HELP ME! (lightwave)

    please, i need help, i need to do this: polygons: they're pentagons and esagons. Our sphere is composed by triangles only: so, we must unify triangles to create patches as pentagons and esagons. We will start seeking pentagons and, in a seconda time, creating esagons. Start with the first...
  17. G

    :( .... i wanna download 1.1 patch but to big for my connection...

    my comps net speed thingie is only 10Mbps coz my comp is networked to my brotehrs and our connection is like only 56 k..... i have 1.0 beta but iam getting tired of it.. i wanna download 1.1 patch but its gonna take a heck of a long time and my brother will chucka psycho coz the his connection...
  18. Pommy

    Connection problem

    Ok for one I will tell you right now this problem has nothing to do with my computer. I am using windows xp professional corp sp1 (and If your going to just reply saying Windows XP is the problem then don't reply at all). I can also say it is not windows XP it is a problem that could happen with...
  19. U

    mIRC Connection Help

    I just d/l mIRC but i am having problems connecting in the beginning, i have a router with a built in firewall. Do i need to change the ports of mIRC? any help is appreciated
  20. U

    mIRC Connection Help

    I just got mIRC and I can't connect to anything, I have a router with a built in firewall I am wondering if that is the problem. Any help given is appreciated Thanks