1. |Overlord|

    MSN 7.5 connection problem

    has anyone else noticed a problem like this? I am currently using dial up & i'm not sure if this isue could be related to my isp or what not, but I see it run fine on other pcs. I enter my adress and pass, and then it whn i try to sign in it just comes up with some message sayying it can't...
  2. Ka1s3r_x

    how about internet connection?

    everything looks easy even if you bought half-life what internet connection should we at least have (how much is the cdkey from steam?) ps. this is not a double post......if anyone knows, puts a number not worth a hole post by itself
  3. Arsenovicius

    what connection do i need to play esf on line?

    :laff: i have 1.2.2 and i whant to play it on ******* line! but ... i dont have :paper: adsl :paper: tell me thnx and vegeta rules
  4. M

    Connection Problem

    I cant play longer than like 15 mins til a connection problem thing pops up and the game freezes. I really like ESF but its pretty annoying to have enough time to start gettin into the game and then it crashes. Anyone know how to fix this problem?
  5. ssjpleb

    Connection Error

    I just downloaded, installed and played ESF perfectly a few days ago. There was a problem that after about 10-15 minutes of play I would get a connection error. I would then have to quit the game. This didn't happen in any other of my games. When I played ESF today it took only about 5 minutes...
  6. E

    connection problem!

    hey guys.. =\ i have a problem trying to connect. and i am using steam. when i try to connect it says "your download ticket has expired" and i put the pass again and again! plz hlp i can't get to playing!! :cry:
  7. Hamppu

    connection kinda problem

    i got this problem on : esf 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 servers.. it crashes to desktop everytime i connect to tehh server after i played in some other server. or when the map changes.. is it only me or it's some usual problem in the server? i really want that problem to be fixed T_T i hate it...
  8. S

    Connection Problems

    Hello.. I just DLed esf recently, however i can't reach any servers.... it says, that "Could Not Contact Master game server to retrieve sever list" how can i fix that?
  9. S

    Connection problem

    While I am trying 2 connect 2 a internet server I get a message saying cannot continue missing sciptsa events or something What should I do 2 fix it
  10. Deman

    Shared Internet Connection Issues

    I'm having a bit of issued with a shared internet connection at my parents house using Windows XP default software. Basically we've got three computer, one in my room, one in my brothers room, and one in the living room all connected by a hub. The computer in the living room is the one that...
  11. Ravendust

    Connection speed goes...Super Saiyan

    I've had a 1mbps connection for a few months now but recently it's been disconnecting then reconnecting as a 2.2mbps connection. At first I thought it was cosmetic but then my BitTorrent speed started blazing at 90/90kbs instead of the usual 48/48kbs, although annoyingly it doesn't seem to make...
  12. D

    Server connection problem

    sorry i have no picture for this, but in most threads when i try to get in it says my .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the server, what does this mean? and if I need to download someting can you give me the best place or a url to do the best, thanks in advanced :)
  13. B

    Sever connection problem

    tried connnecting a few times but every time it almost finished connect i got this message. anyone able to help me with this i would really appricate it :laff: hehe kinda getting tired going against bots =P also sometimes i get that my maps dont match the one on the server? also i can't...
  14. A

    How do you change server connection settings?

    Hi, Im setting up a game between two computers on a LAN. The problem is that one of the computers is very old and while it can run ESF, the loading times are very bad. When trying to connect to the game it times out. I have followed the performace tweaks sticky and it helped but didnt solve...
  15. Jumin

    Connection Prob at map change

    whenever the map decides to rotate, i get Warning:connection error at top right.. is there any way to fix this does this happen to everyone and going to be fixed in upcoming patches?
  16. F

    help me with connection problem

    I get connection problem when the map changes. why is that,? can someone help me. i have cable internet. Am i missing a file or something .?
  17. F

    connection error help

    when i play esf online about 10min in the game i get connection always happens and im cable...can someone plz help
  18. D

    Warning: Connection Problem

    I get "Warning: Connection Problem" in red up at the top right of my screen when i play esf 1.2.1 its not my internet, because esf 1.2 works perfectly. i'll get the error anywhere from 5-20 minutes into a game, and it happens on every server i play. i'm runnin Win2k pro with no service...
  19. S

    Connection Problem

    After 1 min or something of joining a server I get Connection_problem error. This is really pissing me off and I know its not my connection.
  20. RavenTrunks

    Whats your Internet Connection? to dl ESF

    I got DSL so not too bad of a download wait for me, its gonna suck for the dial-up fans here lol.