1. F

    Termination of Internet Connection by ISP

    Termination of Internet Connection by ISP ... How would you do that?
  2. M

    connection problem

    every time when i connect to a server, after 10 minutes i got a connection problem? how can i solve thiS??:cry:
  3. M

    I Crash just after connection

    as i join the game the console will normally go up well as this start i get kicked into windows, if i play lan the game runs fine ( Great Game !! ) :p but i really want to play online and this is anoying me i was told there are no aditional anti cheat programs or anything just kicks me please...
  4. Wuying Ren

    Connection to server timed out

    I play this game at the beginn from the beta and I played in the internet. And now suddenly every time I try too join in a server this error appears ! I can't play anymore !
  5. R

    Need help with connection problems........

    Whenever i try to connect to an esforces game it says "couldn't connect to game server, Reason:- could not complete conection". Ive got the newest version of half life and a DSL internet connection. It's okay when i make games. It lets other people join them. Anyone got any solutions? I'm...
  6. E

    connection problem

    ok i got one for ya........ first off the insaller supposed to create some kind of shortcut on the desktop? and second.....i get this weird thing....i start the game ....go to custom games...load up esf and then i try to join a game.....and it doesn't just says...
  7. S

    Connection problem!!

    I have got often a connection problem in ESF. With counterstrike or halflife I have no problem. Is there anyone with the same problem??:cry:
  8. V


    There is no need for a screenshot, its the ESF screen just before u enter a game with the black box with the seconds left to connection, it just gets to "initializing and downloading" then stops, just freezes on that screen
  9. O

    any custom wads?

    or just any texture, the wads in the folder are not much, so i was wondering if someone has any ..... thx anyway
  10. F

    Slow connection, need advice

    my connection is slower than it should be, and i cant do a thing about it. but how do i play esf online without getting dropped or insane lag?(if you say bots are the answer to my problem, i will hunt you down and torture you)
  11. L


    Hey what type of internet connection all you people got? I got cable and it's really nice!O_O
  12. L33T ha4or

    What connection you got?

    just wondering what connection the average person has or at least on the forums. and thanks to Tepus you roxOr to the maximum capacity
  13. Emeka650


    Everytime Im playing ESF the connection messes up,and the game shuts off.It says connection problem.Is it my computer or what.;( ;( ;( ;( :cry:
  14. Kuyuaga

    Connection Problems!!

    Hey Guys! I have been trying to play online against other players but every time I choose a server to connect to it just disconnects out!! Come on guys I really wanna play Online!!!