1. Turk

    Help!! I can't connect to ANY server. (STEAM)

    I downloaded 1.2 full AND the patch...I can play fine and start my own game with bots and everything but I can't connect to other people's servers. It keeps retrying the connection but to no avail. Is there a file I need or something? Also another thing, I can't connect to any Half-Life...
  2. M

    Can't connect with steam -_-

    i have a great bug trying to play esf when i try to connect to a server, i got a window with info about video games Oo what should i do? Oo
  3. A

    how to connect

    i dont have that "steam" whatever it is(i dont have it thats for sure),how i can conect.they said me that i have to set up the filter and put update.i do date but the computer said:finish reciving file from8here said an ip number like: 435.643.65.456:8507 something like that),transferin
  4. P

    Cannot connect to steam... WTF?!

    steam was working fine yesterday, but this morning it said "there is no login info stored on this computer," so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now it says "cannot connect to steam server," and according to the steam status it's working, I did a virus scan, ad ware scan, and spyware scan, I had...
  5. C

    Just installed the game, can't connect.

    When I click the servers button, no servers come up, all I get is a message saying "Can't connect to master server to get server list".
  6. M

    cant connect to server -_- (ps. steam sucks!!)

    hey guys...i installed esf2.1...and everytime i try to connect to a server it gets frozen at 'phrasing server info...'...its not responding in the task manager...and im just very pissed off (stupid valve closed won servers!!! ;( ) can anybody plz help???? thx in advance guys :)
  7. M

    when i tried to connect

    when i tried to connect to a server it said that my client .dll was not the same as the servers... any ideas?
  8. Warbandit

    Could not Connect to Steam Network problem

    Ok. My friend has this problem and he can not connect to steam period. Everytime it trys to start it says could not connect to steam network. he can not even start steam. Someone give me some help here we have tried lots of things but still.
  9. S

    Problem to connect to vossey

    I dont understand, i play ESF without any single problem on every server, EXCEPT on vossey and efrance (or somehting like that).... When i connect, i see floor during 3 sec and then I return on the deskboard... Help :cry:
  10. T

    steam crashes when i connect

    ok, ever since i installed steam ESF 1.2, it crashed either right when i get in the game, or right before the screen goes up when u are done precaching resources. what do i do????
  11. M

    can't connect to any server.

    i get this error insted any idea what is the problem ? i tried to search the forum, but found no results. thanks in advance.
  12. R

    I crash when I connect to me linux server

    On connection to my esf linux server I crash (not the server) and so does everyone else who trys... I don't have metamod running. It's a stock esf steam server... You can try your self here Server IP address i have it set as nomaster right now so it won't show up on the lists...
  13. K

    error when trying to connect to a server

    i get this error: could not load library C: \SIERRA\Half-Life\wsf\d_dlls\client.dll any help?
  14. U

    cant connect to steam servers need help.

    guys when i try join a steam server for esf. it says that the server is using a olderprotocall (76) and ur using (77) protocal or somthing.. i need help or how i can fix this.
  15. M

    Help!!!! cant connect.

    I cant connect to 20 servers 15 of them some WON error ??? Wtf is that sometimes i can onley join EVM but in EVM it says sometimes the same thing ???? Help?? :talk: :cry:
  16. Bebi

    OMG this is *** I can't connect!!!

    For some reason i can't connect to any single server. It starts at 119 then it sometimes goes to 118 and freezes. Then it snaps out of it then the count down goes to 52 then disconnects. I never had a problem connecting before HELP( btw i use regular HL and not steam cause of my firewall)...
  17. G

    Can't connect

    I can't connect! It says enter Half Life cd key and when I enter the key game exits. What shall I dooooo? :cry:
  18. D

    Can't Connect???

    Why is it that when i try to connect to a game on gametiger it says an error occured(sp) and it won't let me connect?
  19. K


    heey there I HAVE A VERY BIG problem... When i try 2 connect a game (when it has 2 say: 13123/123/12/31/23 has accepted the connection) the game runs stuck does n e 1 know what i have 2 do??????
  20. G

    cant connect to steam servers

    yeah, i know, steam is crap with esf. Yeah, i know, but I am wondering, i keep getting this wierd error when i try to connect. Connecting to Connection accepted by Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket(server was unable to contact the...