1. D

    I cant connect to servers!

    When i try to connect to a server it doesnt have like an error or anything, it just says could not connect to server. It says that for everyone. NE Help??
  2. C

    Cant connect to any servers...

    I try to connect but every server I connect to fails to connect :(
  3. G

    Moddeling in max

    I have been modeling in Milkshape for a while, and have just switched to 3ds max. The way I model is I have like 10 cylinders and I shape them and connect them all when I am done. The one problem is I can't figure out how to connect these cylinders in 3ds max. I can sort of get a crude system...
  4. K

    Can't Connect

    I got a big problem. :cry: If i wan't to connect to the internet he says this: ''You CD Key can not be used on the Valve system'' But, if i create a LAN server, he can connect. But if i go create one on the internet he says that. And i can't find servers to :\ Can anybody help me, PLEASE!!!
  5. K

    Can't Connect To Internet!

    Hi, I got a problem whit ESF. When i wan't to connect to the chat or something he sais this: ''Youre CD Key could not be used on the Valve system'' Does anybody know what to do? And, i got a Legal Half life, so the key is legal to! I hope you can help me.
  6. V

    Trying to connect

    When ever i try to connect to a esf server it says it is not installed does anyone know what i need to to?
  7. SSJ n00b

    cant connect

    i cant connect to any servers when i downloaded aura pack 1.1 whats the problem
  8. W

    How to connect to the ESF servers

    Alright, I WAS using the wrong launcher. But, I'll sum it up. First, download the GameTiger launcher: then, go here! and you get the list of ESF servers. After you've...
  9. B

    i need servers to connect

    i have installed the game with a cd key i downloaded from the internt.. it works, but now i need some server to play, who knows one?? i don`t know if this works whit or without won
  10. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Saiyan Goku WIP

    heres his, head, crit at will :) he will have an upper body by this evening :)
  11. H

    help me connect plz

    me and my friend cant join each others games for some reason, can someone tell me why this might be? he says he cant connect to my ip i dont know whats going on....when he updates the servers, my game is never on the list, and same with the games he help me please!
  12. S

    Every time I connect to a server I get kicked

    if i try to connect to a server and i try to attack,fly with turbo or use spiritbomb attack I get kicked out of the whole game while in terrible lag and half-life doesn't work anymore
  13. F

    Game Crashes on Connect

    My game seems to crash on connect I don't understand why this is happening! I can only connect to 1 server so far that I found but I have 200 ping =(.... Is there a way to fix this I have WinxP I can make a lan or create a server no prob and people connect to it to D; ... I use opengl...
  14. J

    You cannot connect with an user with a diffrent protocol?

    Um heya ^_^0 new here and suppose most would call me n00b or sumthing.. Oh well go ahead if you like.. But i figured i would need to post this cus i can`t figure out whats it about O.o0 whenever i try to connect to any esf server i get that message "Can`t connect with an user with...
  15. S

    can't connect to servers

    whenever i open HL i activate ESF...but when i get to the list of servers and try to join it says eomthing like "cannot join ESF custom game until the custom game is installed"...well i do have it installed. can anyone help?
  16. P

    Cant connect to server(not like the other ones...)

    when i try to join a server it counts up to 10 seconds then says "could not connect to server" what do i do? also whenever i start a new game online it loads and the goes back to the main internet menue and says "Your hl cd-key is invalid" so i input my cd key and it does it...
  17. Antoine3323

    SSJ3 Goku

    Anyone wanna make one?? That'd be tight!!! Cuz, Ive already attempted and it turned out horribly!! LOL
  18. Gogeta

    Modeling Help!

    Just like |-MF-|Gogeta, I also need help with milkshape3D, i need a complete tutorial of everything so i can make models for ESF and Counter-Strike. This seems compicated, but I want to learn how to do this. -Thanks [email protected]
  19. D

    I cant connect to the servers!

    whenever i refresh or update the list, Val's server is the ONLY one that comes up:(, but instead of comming up with red or green dots it comes up with a ?, so I cant join the game, this has been happening for about 3 weeks for me. What can i do to fix it? Also how many games are there...