1. Kamex

    Music Skips Like a Broken Record

    The music plays perfectly, except that around every 30 seconds, it skips like a broken record. I can't listen to the music because of this. Does anyone know how to fix this annoying problem. I tried using an external program, but that created a whole world of new problems. I need to get it...
  2. J

    xp refresh rate broken?

    I heard that on win XP, on nvidia cards, when you play games, the refresh rate is fixed at 60 ? I'm playing on a new recently built pc on windows xp pro and i noticed that when i'm playing esf or any half - life mod on steam, i see the screen "flickering." After a couple of hours of playing, i...
  3. W

    Broken Installer

    I downloaded the ESF installer 3 times from GamersHell and ran it, and each time I got a broken installer message (this only occurred while installing some MP3s; unchecking the MP3 box let it install without error, though). The download I got from Fileplanet worked just fine, so I've got to...
  4. T

    Broken Body And dismembering

    It would be nice if u have been hit from the left site And ur arm is broken and u cant use it till u use Senzu orHeal urselfe BUU gets the Extra abilety Team healing : he gets to a team member and heals him PIccolo and Cell Just loose there body parts where they where hit by a Beam and...
  5. Enix


    She cant hide it no matter how hard she tries, she gasps for air and continues to cry She feels all alone like no one is there, shes been hurt but no one cares She wonders why shes all alone but the answer is hidden in her own She is broken, unfixable, and she is has...
  6. SailorAlea

    Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon

    Has anybody else played the game "Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon," or any of the other Broken Sword series? It's an Adventure game, like Monkey Island. Like old point and click, except it's not point and click anymore. The graphics are absolutely astounding, the voiceacting is -great-, the...
  7. I

    I think my Print Screen Button is broken...

    Problem-Like i said, i think its broken :\ . I click it, the screen pauses for 1/4 of a second, but when i try to locate doesnt exist. I guess the only way to solve this is to get people's opinion. Questions: 1. What is the original folder the screens are located. 2. What is the file...
  8. M

    Console broken

    When i first started playing ESF from 1.0 my console was broken so on 1.1 I magically fixed it by going on Mr. Satan's Server and then i was playing on a -=ThUgZ=- server and my console has been broken ever since i tried going on Mr. Satan again to fix the problem but it didnt work please help...
  9. Suh Dude

    ***est Drawing ever OMG i Need to go to the bathroom

    don't make fun of my my digital pen isn't working right(Think i drop it in the toilet) Dare Laugh and i kill you forever!
  10. Shuyin

    Ok Seriously, Mapping Help?

    Ive spent a long while reading through the stickies and looking at broken links and sites that are hard to find what you are looking for and not found anything...even google couldnlt help. All i am looking for is a mapping tutorial, for NEWBIES =P And i read about the map must have "at...
  11. C

    SUper Gohan

    Can somone edit a ssj2 gohan model so that his left arm is broken with blood and hes battle damaged...and his kamehameha is done with one hand. PLease this would be mucho appreciated!
  12. Z

    ESF Beta 1.1 Link Broken!

    i cant dl~!
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Humanity Consumed

    Released for Liquefaction's Pack
  14. G

    site's link to downloading bot is broken

    can somone post the file for the bots to download cuz the link to the website has a broken link to the bots so it wont let me download.
  15. Lord Killmore

    Mapping Programm

    Does anyone know a good mapping programm???(I cant use Worldcraft because my Half-life cd is broken.....:cry: ) I really want to try making some maps (i only done some for Warcgraft 3 and C&C Generals) So please tell me where i can get all the stuff to do some mapping!
  16. G

    dragonball GT goku mod?

    i heard that someone out there had a dragonball gt goku. it is the goku as a kid and when he goes ssj he grows big and is ssj goku 4:devgrin: so if any one nows about this or has it ket me know please :devgrin:
  17. Death The Jedi

    Skinner needed...

    I've made a model of a comic book character (Johnny The Homicidal Maniac), as most of you have heard. Well, I had a skinner, but I think my private message thing isn't working or maybe he just isn't responding.. anyways... I need a skinner, I have skin maps with a basic skin on it already, but...
  18. S

    ssj3 vegeta released

    heres the download link to my ssj3 vegeta
  19. B

    Map pack dissapear?

    Once on, I downloaded a ESF Map pack. But now, I want to download it again, but I can't find it anymore! Can somebody teel me where I can find it?
  20. DaKD

    Majin Vegeta Bdmg pack

    Ok heres the release for my pack. i reanimated his transformation anims and made a vgui for it. o yea in this pack vegeta starts out as ssj1 and then his trans is Majin and he goes ssj2. It does look more like vegeta now too! im getin it hosted on red sayin too so u can look there...