1. Ryoko

    Yui's arm is broken!

    Bit late this.. but at least I show sympathy :/ Nearly two weeks and nothing has been said! *shock!* Well it ends now! Say how you are sorry for not knowing earlier! If you truly didn't know.. shame on you! Get well soon Yui! *Ryoko snuggles Yui_Sakura lots*
  2. PiXel

    goku b-gt model here download here is goku in db-gt i think it was colll
  3. E

    Adding floors/ceiling/roof help!!!

    I am making a map for ESF, as well as one for CS, and I'm using Valve Hammer 3.4. Where is the tool to add a floor and roof/ceiling to maps...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. T

    esf website only has broken links to mirrors and no real direct downloads!

    Your esf website doesn't have direct d/l's :cry: it mostly has broken links. please install direct downloads into your beautiful website. ty.
  5. MrMasj

    Esf_Tournament Prosses Status

    I did find out thats it was time to post a new post in here this will send information about how the Esf_Tournament Beta projekt is working new ideas are welcome for the map projekt. The map you will se pics from arent the lastest versíon and are printed in the Esf Alpha version the map scale...
  6. A


    Scouter... hey cant the scouter broke if someone has a too high Pl or getting to much Damage in Melee attacks! and another question... Goku, Krillen, Gohan, Piccolo, ánd trunks are they going to have a scouter on them or just you know that they can sence the Pl?? or something like that...
  7. H

    download link broken!

    The download link is broken, I cant seem to download the file. When will this be fixed?