1. FalconFury

    WIP (working in progress) beams start FX video Beautiful colorful beams are made in different glow.
  2. Greychan

    Sprites lag

    Ever since I started playing ESF on my new laptop I've had this lag caused by the sprites shining on other surfaces. In other words, when I transform in midair or shoot a beam away from any thing else in the map, everything's fine. However, if I transform near the ground, or shoot a beam near...
  3. E

    Beams in ESF 1.3.

    Hey , I have question about the beams attacks , I had Half life just about 3-2 years ago , But i cant remember what happend to the account (I still tryin to figure out), I remember that the beams was big and good like in the DBZ Series. And I played on my friend account (He gave me , Because...
  4. K

    faster beams

    I was watching dragon ball z today and a saw something interesting.When picolo was weak and fought cell and attack him with beams cell could dodge them.But when picolo got stronger when united with kami ,his beams attack were faster.So the point is when a character go to the next level (ssj ssj2...
  5. O


    Hello, can i suggest making air burst or something like that i dont know how to say it for example: when goku fires his Kamehameha before we can see the beam flying make the air behind goku burst some rocks and dust that would be pretty nice i hope you see this. Bye
  6. S

    Bonus points effect on beams

    I know already that I don't have enough information about the bonus points to know if this is already in or not, but I'm going to suggest this anyway. Say you use a generic beam and use your bonus points on it and it stays the relative size, with the boost it would be bigger overall along with...
  7. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for firing beams. Make them straight and fast, or controllable and slow!

    I think beams should be able to be fired in two different ways. 1.Beam moves at a faster pace but it is very linear with only the ability to move slightly (as to prevent missing by a matter of a few feet) , making them better for long range. fast attacks. 2. The traditional method...
  8. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for explodiing beams prematurely.

    This is about how you are able to explode a beam at will by using the right mouse. I'm sure that won't change, but can we atleast block all the damage from a cheap blast like that if we were holding block when it exploded? Majority of people run for their lives when a beam gets anywhere near...
  9. Growler


    First let me say... I love how 1.3 is taking shape... but would like to make a couple of suggestions that might make it even better looking. 1) If the team wants to stay as close to the manga as possible, I recommend less blending of light and more solid color outlines etc... 2) More...
  10. st34lth

    Did you guys ever fixed how sometimes the beams just drops when fired?

    You know when you have a really large character like Godgundam's Brolly and you shoot a beam but it just drops to his knees and continue to shoot normally? This always bugged me. It also happens when your characters shoots very high or very low and the beam just drops to some part of the...
  11. G

    Arm pointing when shooting beams.

    If you notice in this picture Goku's Arms are pointing straight out as if he was shooting straight, however hes shooting upwards at another beam. I think that his hands should be pointing in the same direction as the beam, if it's possible to do. Imo, it just looks stupid if the arms...
  12. S

    sensu beams

    how to get them?
  13. Shaladanra

    Water splitting beams?

    Hi all :D I got this idea: What if beams divided water when the beam flew over / past it ? You know, like when they(in the DBZ movies) fly over water surfaces and the water spread bellow them :P And when the beam is under water, could it be possible to chance the reflections ?? I don't...
  14. Dokutayuu

    Make beams quick and greater combo potential!

    Hey all, I've been thinking why beams are so rarely used (well, non-spamming uses). 1) They take a long time to charge. 2) They move slowly (compared to players). 3) Aim is usually poor. Minimum charge time for beam would be reduced by quite a bit meaning that if a player wanted to prevent...
  15. The Deco

    Adding another use for beams

    OK beams got no style at the moment, they are definitely aren't finishing moves!! The problem is people recover too fast from hitting the ground which makes the attacker no time to finish there ass with some kamehameha. So what im saying is(since this is an important feature) that if...
  16. Optional

    Beams on the Skybox

    Instead of beams exploding on the skybox, could they just disappear instead for added realism? Or, maybe they could shrink (to look like they are flying away)?
  17. vinay87

    Could beams be incorporated into melee?

    Like for say, you're hitting someone continuously and can finish off your me lee attack with a blast in his face? And he could retaliate with a beam/melee of his own.
  18. Sandstorm

    A change to the functionality of beams

    As it currently is, attacks automatically detonate. However, in numerous situations in the Dragon Ball Z series, people would refrain from detonating their attacks for various reasons. To repell, to protect, to build strength, etc. So I was considering how this could be done in ESF...
  19. john_volkov

    Penetrating beams will prevent spaming if posible

    so do you think that the team can make the beams to perentrat and the explosion to not afect any one like in this pic and evry tine you get hit by the beam it will do the same dmg instantly
  20. Z

    heres a good idea for beams...

    u know how if ur in a beam struggle (power struggle) in 1.3 u can push another beam ball into the power struggle y does it have to be a beam ball...? it doesnt look good.... the idea is good but the looks.. heres my idea u power struggle rite? then when ur done charging the second blast...