1. CyroTek

    Help with Hair

    can somebody please gimme a tutorial or some tips to make good looking hair, cause i don´t know why, but my hair looks like crap so if somebody can help me, thanks
  2. A

    My First Reskin

    Didn't show up? in the address bar. I made and SSJ version too. I'll seek a host, prolly turning to RS. Comments please? and yes, I do know about the seams.
  3. C

    how to make my cf bar full

    i am stupid cause i don't no how to make my cf bar full!?!?!?!?! help me please :cry: :no: :S
  4. Black Saiyan


    milkshape dosent can u give me a site with 1
  5. ]\/[ITCHELL

    modeling program

    anyone know where i can get a modeling program besides milkshape????? like gmax??????
  6. Naz

    Site Layout I made I was asked to make a layout, don't ask me why, because I practicly never made a good layout.. all I ever did was making a wallpaper with some text over it and call it a layout :P, but I promised to give it a shot, so here it is, hope you all like...
  7. G

    An Advanced Ki Bar

    I have a suggestion. Im always thinking of ways to cut down on beam spaming. I don't mean someone who almost always uses beams, I am talking about the person who hides in the corner and constantly shoots kamehamema's killing evoryone in the map. I finnally looked past my plans for melee world...
  8. D

    Need bad help in 3D s Max

    hi, i got an model to skin its gotenks and i only can open it in 3ds max, byt how do i make it textured i know that its in milkshape rightmouse click and textured but how in 3D S MAX please tell me im using 4.2 Thnks !!
  9. HyperSaiyaman

    Mirror Map!

    Im sick of seeing my chracter back , is it possible to make a map that has mirror to see ours characters faces like quake if it is possible or there is already maps does has mirrors let me know putting that info in this thread, Thank you.
  10. Pain

    ki bar exhausted

    this will help prevent people from spamming super nukes and stuff, if the ki bar totaly runs out and the person tries to use a ki attack(not flying) then they start dropping and look like they are out of breath, this will leave them defensless for a second or 2, look at vegeta vs recoom, vegeta...
  11. Marauder

    Specter's Wallpaper Thread

    Wp thread ok, so i wont start floding the forums with threads, ill make one ^.^ here is my 2nd wp, i will post more when i make em^^
  12. V

    How do I edit a models skin.

    I was wondering, how do you edit a skin. I've been trying for a while and I can't figure it out. Is it in a folder or is it in the models file. Can someone help me? Oh and I use milkshape and 3ds Max.
  13. D

    Colour change in CF bar when ready

    A simple suggestion: To integrate the game for noobs easier, perhaps the CF should turn red or any color other than default whenever you respawn after death, indicating you have enough PL to 'ascend'. Of course this aesthetic change isn't a problem for any one who has been playing for 30...
  14. S

    how do you get the cf bar full

    how do you raise the cf bar to got ssj what do you do!!!!
  15. GotenksOwnz

    What do you think of my new sig?

    Ok so this is my new sig what do you guys think. :D
  16. Pommy

    New signature

    My newest signature Please post feedback :D
  17. F

    CF Bar

    How I can do to raise de CF bar?
  18. S

    Cant bring up command bar????

    After trying many times i still cannot bring up the command bar with (~). Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong
  19. S

    How do you bring the command bar up!!!

    After along time trying i still cannot bring the command bar (~) up. Is there something wrong with my version? Oh and i am a noobie lol
  20. Bryggz

    I need someone to host my models on their site

    hey guys my website is kinda *** in the butt and i cant figure out how to make download links yet, so can anyone host my files for now? i got my ussj trunks completed, at least the first version