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Apr 1, 2003
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Originally posted by D.C. Darkling
Convert... with a qc.. read on.

the qc file makes the model.. more lateron.

anims.... Go make a new MilkShape save. press ANIMATE.. move it in a certain position.. press CTRL+K. then go to a few frames furhter. (If there's just one enter a higer number in the RIGHT box, not the left.)

make the other frame different.. save again by CTRL+K (also in anim menu)

the frames BETWEEN those 2 are auto calculated. Check if its ok or if you need more keyframes inbetween it.

Done? then save the normal file.. then press EXPORT .SMD and save a name.. pic SEQUENCE. The first anim is done.

Do this with all anims. Now load your model. Exprt it to .smd aswell. pic REFERENCE this time. Save.

make a qcfile.. if you mkae a goku model better to copy the original qc goku file (goku.qc) and in milkshape.. press halflfie > edit qc file. (somewhere right in the bar)

Now go look at the goku.smd line.. change that tou YOUR reference.smd

Go look for, example, charge_kamahameha and change the name BEHIND this (usually the same) into YOUR custom animation.

Now in the Milkshape HL menu press COMPILE QC. open the just edited and saved qc file.. it will make a model in the folder where the compiling qc is in.

Hope this helped.

that's all i think <.<

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