1. S

    Missing PS/Blocking Bar?

    Do u kno the bar that appears when u r power struggling or Blocking why does it appear but u cant see the meter move up or down? was it removed?
  2. O

    Air bar

    Simple yet... simple. When you enter the water a bar will appear that will show you how much air you got left.
  3. imkongkong

    increase CF bar for deaths

    i was playing as vegeta and i had 56 kills and my PL wasn't high enough to transform. I think it's unreasonable that since i was winning so much and was unable to transform. Maybe your kills should be tweaked to where you could transform earlier instead of me having 56 kills and still haven't...
  4. imkongkong

    charging bar

    i found in advanced melee when i initiated the charging bar for combos to be a certain speed. that speed allows me to do 2 combos at the most. when i let 5 prepunches go, i have this very very slow charging bar allowing me to pull of 3 or even 4 combos. I dont think it's reasonable for...
  5. |Overlord|

    rage bar

    i have heard of talk that each charcter will get an ability that they can use well i have thought of a way they can use these abillities and what they can be : vegeta rapid genric balls & or Energy punch (for those of u who have played log2 u would know the attk goku kk attk...
  6. imkongkong

    stamina bar - fast charge supers and chain melee

    i have an idea for a stamina bar. Now a stamina bar will allow you to watch the moves you perform that it can't happen too much. Also, the ki bar would have to drain a little more slowly. whenever you swoop, it should drain a little from the stamina bar. If you do simple melee, that would...
  7. imkongkong

    negative ki bar

    i have an idea for the ki bar... it would be possible to do moves that would require more ki than wut would be showed... if you dont have enough ki to fully charge an attack, your ki bar would go into a negative color... for instance i want to charge a fully charged final flash and i have...
  8. S

    Extra Power Up attack bar

    You can keep charging up and get darker bars each time but only on some attacks (ex spirit bomb you charge it up all the way but if you keep holding it the bar goes back to the beggining covers the other bar and becomes a darker bar, and having a more powerfull and bigger attack.
  9. Denz

    Adrenaline bar....

    While ur playing esf ur "adrenaline bar" is charging....... So its like u have more expirience and when the ad. bar is full your char. explodes (the meaning is that he becomes stronger,faster....) And it lasts 5-10 sec. (if u have stronger char. then it lasts longer) Like his pissed of...
  10. S

    weapons bar doesnt show!?

    when i host the weapons bar doesnt appear and i cant change weapon or shoot anything but when i join someone elses game it shows up and it plays normal so how do i solve this?
  11. §lipKnot

    wall jumping bar

    i dont know if there is or is not i saw the movie and there wasnt i think they should have a bar to show how far u will jump like charging beams so people will know when to jump.......
  12. AnThEm

    New PowerStuggle bar?

    Well this is my first ever edit and new to forums >.> thats not the point anyway here is the link to view Pic and also the download link! and Click here for site with pic ectect -AnThEm
  13. C

    Hidden power bar.............

    :cool: I think if they deside to add something like hidden powers were you can only use the ammount of power you desire. OK...If they deside to do it they should make a bar or something were you can see the % or ammount you are using think how much fun would it be!!!! ;/ You can either...
  14. K

    cant c xhair or health bar on bottom right

    when i join a server i can only c 1/4th of the dld screen...then when im in the game i can only c 1/4th of the char selector screen...when i choose a char and im playing i cant c the "hud" or the ki or hp bar and only a little part of my xhair...and i cant c the f9 screen....what can i do to fix...
  15. N

    DBZ drawing books!!

    This is going to be a great help to those who love dragon ball z but have trouble drawing the characters.. I as of late, have had no drawing inspiration to draw any manga what so ever.. So I searched for some help books, I found out that I wanted to draw DBZ characters alot more then any...
  16. L

    What IS EVM(Yes Ive tried the search bar)

    Hey. Ive seen a picyure of EVM, and its Goku using Kaioken. Itl ooks just like ESF. What IS Evm. After u download it can you do more stuff in ESF, or is it just a new mod tahts an exact ripoff of esf exept more moves...I dont understand. Yes I HAVE searched google, and Ive tried searching the...
  17. Wangster

    sorry for english

    well, i supose this belongs in artwork part since its about art. there is 1 thing i really dont understand, and dont know how. you guys r always talking about blending in an image, and i dont know what bleding is.... so could someone tell me what it actually is, and how to do it, i got...
  18. T

    Anger or rage bar

    I thank there should be some kind of anger or rage bar something to work for be sides going ssj when you get to ssj theres nothing to work for but pl that gets boreing .The anger or rage bar should be like when you get hit so many times you can do like a super kamahamaha or a super punch or some...
  19. TeKNiK

    My First Wallpaper..Matrix :P

    Ok I decided to try and to make a Wallpaper and since it was going to be my first i went wit something easy like the matrix so i decided to see what you guys think I kept things simple and I think it doesnt look too bad...
  20. Ryoko

    A Final Fantasy 9 wallpaper

    I made a new wallpaper! And it isn't of Ryoko o_o What do you guys think?