1. Z

    A bar ..

    I looked at the opera mod site and i saw a bar that said how much procent was finsihed before the new update, it would be grate if esf had that :yes:
  2. R

    My new model

    Well heres my newest model... 1300 polies or so... You'll probably have to copy paste the address into your own bar, sorry about that... the ftp aint workin... aight lazy sons of.... good people...
  3. R

    My First Skin (Rikimaru)

    This is my second model ever with my first skin ever... I know there are problems this way and that... but I'm satisfied I guess... Um, if someone can tell me... I'm using 3ds Max 4... on all the multiple uvw unwraps I saved the thing (uvw)... was that neccessary for each one? also.. I have a...
  4. M

    You asked for it and here it is 4 Hours later!

    Ok I spent about 4 hours today on making a SSJ3 Goku which was requested by a couple of the Forum members. Its 988 Polys (pretty good gues huh?), they only critt I can see that I will be getting is that the hair might not be long enough for some people but I've only used 1 picture as reference...
  5. xstortionist

    I need opinions on 2 of my portfolio sites....I CANT CHOOSE!!!! need your help!!!

    I made like 5 portfolio sites, and I narrowed them down to 2 layouts. I want to know which layout looks best. or
  6. DJ-Ready

    Once again, a new map is out! hehe

    k, i have made a new map today.Its a map located on the tower where this little white cat-master guy german its called Quittenturm. The map is called esf_s2k_djready_quittenturm_alpha, cuz i dont know the english name for Quittenturm... Here r some shots: 0 1 2 3 4 5...
  7. C

    Misc bug stuff: 1st/3rd lock, charge bar, unintended explosions, teams, etc etc

    First and foremost I want to establish that I'm a relative newbie to this; I downloaded the mod less than a week ago, but I really enjoy it. Its cool, its interesting, but it does have some bugs, and i'll put down some info on the ones ive been seeing. (yes I looked at your 'known bugs' list...
  8. NightShade

    aura, charge bar, and the target cursor

    i dont know bout you guys, but when i choose frieza or cell, the aura gets in the way of the charge bar so i cant tell when to let go, maybe you could put the bar on the side, maybe vertically, so it wont conflict with the aura. also, at long ranges, i have a heck of a time actually locating...
  9. L

    Wheres Waldo? opps I mean Vassago.

    The dev journals are not up yet, just wondering hows vassago doing :).
  10. K

    Missing bar, Stamina?

    i think it's a bit silly how in the show and all some; eg. vegeta fully charges a big bang and shoots, his puffed! And you get ppl owning with the same attack again and again. I was just thinking if you had some Stamina it would limit huge attack spamming and force ppl to verey thier...
  11. D

    Ssjwall Your Sig Is Ready

    alright i made you one... here ya go... and judge dont get pissed he asked me directly through PM... comments anyone?
  12. L

    Hey I'm New

    Heh I just Joined this forum after my friend told about this website. what do you think of my sig. its like 5 months old but i'm hoping to finish a new one by the end of this week.
  13. SONiC

    Stamina Bar

    I don't know how many people would agree to this, but i was thinking about this idea. Every time i play on a server there are always two or three people, that spam attacks. I'm talking they;ll shoot a big bang/special beam cannon/etc every three seconds at you and it gets annoying real fast. If...