1. M

    The Art of Chi

    I haven't written a story since this morning which I posted in this forum, but I deleted it due to my incredible dislike towards it. So here's another one I did: The Art of Chi “What are you doing you nut ball?” asked the master in a shocked tone of voice. The master’s words fell on death...
  2. T

    Art help.

    well, im currently acquiring my bachelors in game art and design and ive always wanted to learn but was never good at drawing. Just went into my first art class and were going to start with still life drawing. stuff like fruits and shapes. anyway, i was just hoping for some pointers. thanks.
  3. L

    FCX Art Thread

    This is an art thread and will include other media that I've completed or in the process of completing. I've read that you can start your own art thread simular to "Tales Art+Tutorials =D (?)" & " Linda's new topic" in which you can even revive the thread if you have new art to post or any...
  4. Enix

    naruto chibi art

    I was extremely bored last night... I was gonna turn it into an animated gif, but im lazy...
  5. B

    Look at my latest art work :)

  6. Gama

    Gama's Art Thread

    just decicded it be easier if i post all my artwork in one single thread rather then make lots but anyways lets kick this off with some quick art iv done: this is a quick painting i did for my mums bday as i forgot about it and had to paint...
  7. Growler

    Growler's Art Thread

    I am getting back into art again, just found my sketchbook the other day. So I am making this thread which I'll update every so often. To start off, I just started this sketch of a scene in China, just a WIP for now. The overall canvas is much bigger but I reduced its size for viewing pleasure...
  8. Gama

    DV13 (poor) Art works

    Yes yes i know its crap but lot ppl are posting their works so ill post my crap: yes im sad this is the openeing to my artpad :S This is a weird alien thing i drew was just playing round with shading Do i have to explain what they are lol but ya my scanner cut the tops off :( but i...
  9. Growler

    Growler's CG art thread...

    I am new to this... but. Works in progress... Desert Eagle... (Still life off of my airsoft gun)
  10. Growler

    CG art WIP

  11. O

    True art!

    I searched for the link and didn't find so I guess it wasn't posted before... Enjoy :]
  12. Enix

    Planet art O/

    One of my first planet pieces, hope you like it: here is an unfinished one I did yesterday:
  13. Growler

    Sand Art I was glued to my screen
  14. I

    my NEW art! [for a future manga type story]

    OK...some of you may know me (vashTS, .fma, TimK.) ...but I havn't been on my computer (it broke and still is) for months(like anyone even knowticed haha). But, I've done some drawings every once in a while since then. I'm actually planning on making some sort of story thing (almost like...
  15. -Origin

    Chaos' art topic

    I'm gonna post everything I make in here from now on, I'm going to try to get back into making art again, starting with sigs and hopefully moving back up to larger projects. If you want to see some of my previous work either go to or my deviantart...
  16. Denz

    Dendza's art stack num...what?

    k I'm back with 10ooo drawings I will select my favorite this time hope you like them and no you cant use anything from them, my ideas, my designs, my sweat, my tm's on them! now the good part
  17. Naz

    Intoduction to Abstract Art

    Intro Welcome to everyone who reads this, This is my topicthat offers you an introduction into the world of digital abstract art. If I would have gotten a dollar for everytime someone asked me; "how do you do that?" I'd surely be a bilionair now. Unfortunatly, I don't get a dolar for it...
  18. Volosity

    i am a living work of art!!! hehe help!

    this is what i made in paintshop till i get my new comp. tomarrow and i need some 1 to help me make a layout i have no 1 with grafic skills and we have a good bit of space to put it on also i need a coder :( plz and thc hehe don't look or it will hurt you!!!!
  19. Growler

    Trunks Art (multimedia)

    Trunks Art (mixed media) I was just sketching in class today, and I thought this one was commin out good, so I outlined it and shaded it. I used no references
  20. W

    My first... art?

    Well, this is not as spectaculair as some super cool androids and drawings people make, but this is my first try at painting something with photoshop. with mouse... anyone sugestions and critique? i'm still a n00b.