1. Gama

    Gama Art Dump!

    Decided to dump some of my art here, prob seen some of it before: Sigs:
  2. D

    suggest a Martial Art

    I've been wanting to take a martial arts course, and the training thread got my determination back up, but i cant really decide which one would be useful and usually devoid of the "McDojo", as Cuc put it. the options i have are: Kung Fu - a number of styles Kick Boxing Muay Thai TKW...
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    More random art

    more random stuff for ya guys to look at
  4. DBZhell

    Some PhotoEditing Art

    I started editing and messing with my own photos and heres what i've got. Here's the progress of my signature: It's me: :scared: And here's a friend of mine: I hope you like it... Btw i'm new in this type or art... :)
  5. VideoJinx

    Progressive Jinx Art

    Please assist me by posting Critiques, Assisting Tutorials, Advice, and even your own art work as examples. 1) 2) 3)
  6. Barney

    Pixel Art - By your favorite purple dinosaur

    So I decided to dabble into the pixel art realm for a little bit. Some things look amazing and I want to try and get to that point. But for now here's a start. This is a little self-portrait I did. I like how it came out, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. I used a tutorial for this and...
  7. -Origin

    Origin's art thread

    Gonna post all my stuff here now to avoid cluttering up *HACK COUGH PHOOEY* the art forum. If anyone want to do lineart on this, please do. I wonder what it'll look like but I can't do it myself. EDIT: Somehow I think I'm gonna regret posting this.. I messed up my own face (har har)...
  8. M

    If you could learn any Martial Art...

    Fictional or otherwise, which one would it be?
  9. L

    Warlock draining a soul. (WoW Fan art)

    Warlock draining a soul. (Update: Wed,Oct 17) Alright I fully intend to complete this art piece and have it look damn good by the time its done which is why I'm posting it here for critique and the like. Things I plan on changing...
  10. Viper

    Concept art for a game...

    Strated working on a game, began with the Art concepts (of course). So here's what i've done so far.
  11. Growler

    Growler's New Style art

    Got into vector art and the like.. just here to update on what I've been up to lately on the art scene. Here's a mix of wips and finished pieces. This here was actually my first attempt at vector art... this was before I knew how to use the PEN tool and therefore did all the vectors by hand :/...
  12. I

    The True Artist OpenCanvas thread where I(myself) and TryForce(Pixel) will post art

    We start this thread with some doodles. More to come in the evening and everyone is welcome to join us:)
  13. Growler

    Adobe Illustrator Help (Vector Art)

    I want to do some vector art on my friend's image. Im really familiar with Adobe PS (Elements) but not with AI. This is the one I did in PS, but It took tons of time and all in all, the result wasn't that great. I want to lines smoother, instead of so choppy; so this is why I want to work on...
  14. I

    Best art equipment?

    I decided i want to get into art more so i decided i need better pencils and i also want a sketchbook. What i want from you guys is to post the best pencil for drawing and a nice sketchbook, would be nice if you could provide some pictures aswel. Thanks, Ice-X:]
  15. Growler

    Pepsi Art Challenge

    Here is my entry
  16. Growler

    Pepsi Art Challenge -Discuss
  17. jp

    Serenity - some planet art

    I made this today, was bored, I like to call this piece "serenity". :P the title has probably been over used, but I don't care ;o Still want to add a few things, perhaps a nebula in the distance or something.
  18. majin uub

    What type of Martial Art?

    Well i have been thinking about it, and when i finish highschool a friend and i are going to be searching for Martial Art Camps here in the US. But idk what i wanna take, Either ShaolinDo where i can learn Drunken Fist, or TaiKwanDo so i can get amazing kicks and sweeps in. My friend already...
  19. Prozac

    Bill Cosby ASCII Art

    Post please, I'm looking for the one with him frowning
  20. Cold Steel

    Yeah, I do art every once in a while :P

    Heavy wip and ****ty scanner. Post your comment or suggestions please :) It's futuristic character by the way. I'm thinking of adding cybernetic features.