1. J

    Weird Case

    ok, well I just had a friend over at my house. and he was like 'Chris (which is my realname 'Christian'), we need to talk' and I was like 'about what'. then he told me he had kissed my ex-girlfriend and that the 'relationship' might go further than just a one-night kiss etc, I didn't...
  2. G

    weird problem

    ay0 I've got a little prob. When i start a game on maps like esf_cellarenabX than i got VERY few fps(circa 4). I've noticed that during time when i play on this maps the screenshots are taken every frame(in esf folder i got plenty of bmp files :-/)... I'm not using any scripts so i don't...
  3. .Maze

    AMXX Weird prob

    Well i got a prob at AMXX for STEAM and ESF. Its working and i got No probs to have it installed and stuff liek that ,its just... well you all know that AMXX comes with an sortiment of AMXX Plugins wich automaticly load in game,like Admin.amxx. Ok i didnt wanna have all the plugins so i...
  4. N

    Weird... um.. bug.. or something

    For some reason when I play on that new gaint forest map screen shots are automatically taken and saved to my esf directory. Which would explain why I seem to stutter now and then in that map. Am I the only one having this problem? Am I going crazy? or does anyone else have this problem?
  5. Sicron

    Weird thing O.o

    check this, kinda weird O.o: Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm...
  6. E

    Weird Options Bug

    When you first got into opions, then Advanced Settings, everythings ok.. But after checking eather mp3's or 24 bit (open gl only) button, the fx quality goes directly to low after reopening the Advanced settings... The only way to revert that is to physically close the whole thing down and...
  7. M

    weird thing so help me plz

    wel i just installed ESF and when i try to join a server it says: cant join this custom game when you have not installed this custom game or something... 0_o and its on all the 4 servers with players on what to do?
  8. T

    Weird problem ...

    When im connected to specific server, the game kills itself b4 i can see the MOTD. I've seen 3 servers causing this. Im using Steam ...
  9. A

    Talk about weird...

    Wee I just got 3 trojans from one ad!!! Wtf.... Lucky I have mcafee.. Just lettin ya'll know lol
  10. F

    Hmmm... Weird!!

    Alright after playing for about 3 days i have noticed that many good people i play against block everyone of my moves/combos. Do you think they know what im doing? Do you think they hack? I don't really know it's just weird that im playing these people and they block everyone of my moves every...
  11. L

    Weird Dragon Balls

    on esf_riverside, i cant access one dragon ball due to it being "buired" under a vortex line of something. can anyone help me?
  12. S

    A weird ninja drawing

    A ninja drawing I made this drawing in school when i was bored crits & comments
  13. I

    My Camera is acting weird :S

    I was playing the game all whent well :) then i wanted to switch to first person so i wanted to press F4 but i accedently pressed F3 ok can happen... Then i pressed F4 and i was in first person like normally happens but i couldnt switch back my no matter what i did i couldnt switch back to...
  14. Pommy

    a weird dream

    i had a dream a few nights ago that I had sisures on command and I was laying in bed and every time I did it a bunch of hands would grab me and pull me up then hold me down on the bed. I bit one of the hands then it started tickling my feet. Then I woke up and thought it was real. I had another...
  15. X

    Something weird...

    Has anyone ever seen people walk on the ground and fight...99% of the time i see players flying around and the other 1% is when spawning. I hope to see some cool advanced melee on the ground in 1.2 I just wanted to post something...and didn't really know what!
  16. S

    Some thing weird happend to me today...

  17. -=[EEF]=-Ghost

    A weird suggestion... the 1.2 melee system you have to press your directional buttons in order to put combinations in. Would it be possible to add the telport to the combination? Lets say 2 people engage in a melee battle, the attacker is pressing 'up' 'left' 'down' 'teleport' then 'right', and you will...
  18. S

    something weird.......

    my esf was acting up yesterday and it messed up my trunks models i took some pics.. from the back.. front.. messed up again but diff..... i just thought that this might spark some cool model ideas but if not i still think the second one looks hella tight heres a pic of...
  19. -=Real_Dog=-

    Beam exploding weird

    i dont know if anyone has the same problem, but with some beams im on the ground, but when i go to fire it i have to jump to fire it otherwise it blows up in my face, and hurts, this is annoying espiecially if i have taken all the time to power it up and have it explode in my face
  20. bapplebo

    cool but weird

    I was in my own server, and then when i was powering up, i did something (can't remember) and the power up white stuff was following me.