1. Prozac

    Weird awakening.

    So, this morning at about 5 am-ish, I woke from a nightmarish dream. (It was actually pretty cool. all dark and left 4 dead/dead island kinda setting.) As I woke up, rather abruptly I might add, I felt something I can't describe in another way then a static electric ring starting from the outer...
  2. Hawkman

    A weird computer problem.

    Hi, the last 4 days a problem with my computer came up but before we begin , english is not my native language so I will try my best to make sense. A little background: When I turn off my computer I will always turn off the button behind the computer you know the 0/1 button. So when I...
  3. karatepig

    Weird Als new album

    Weird Als new album Alpocalypse has just been released. If anyone wanted to know that and his new song "Perform This Way" and the music video to that song is well... Watch and you will know what i mean
  4. D

    not seeing any servers in esf 1.3

    This is weird, I got the message that esf 1.3 is released, so I downloaded the file from, downloaded it, installed it, restart and launch steam and the mod, gone to the servers and don't see any servers at all... are the original server closed down?
  5. E

    Weird crash

    I installed ESF and tried to play but after a few seconds, it crashes to desktop. If I try to create a server as soon as I open the game, it loads the first bar and stops at "Estabilishing..." returning to the main menu screen. I'm using a Intel GMA 950, is there some kind of incompatibility? I...
  6. M

    2 weird problems -_-

    1. every time i load up the open beta, i have 0 servers and i have no filters on. I know someone HAS to be playing somewhere lol sooo why am i getting no servers. 2. when i create my own server, it works for about 4 seconds then the game shuts off and i get an error that says "message_end...
  7. GATE Elemental

    Weird Invunerability bug or cheat?

    Hello folks, Im gonna be very clear on this one. I play ESF for several years and bla bla bla I have never ever* seen this: I was playing on Patan (thats an old buggy Argentinean Server) the fact is there were a Goku player named "Braian" and he was like scoring 24/0 all the way, ok so I went...
  8. LionHeart

    Weird font format change

    Why is everything in bold and/or italic all of a sudden? I didn't do anything to influence it from what I believe. And how can I change it back? It's not only for firefox but for folders and files as well.
  9. john_volkov

    weird youtube bug ore pc bug

    Oki so I have a problem evry time I try to see a movie on youtube evryting is upside down's
  10. Barney

    Weird Gmail issue

    So I don't know if any of you Gmail users use the multiple inbox option for your Gmail, but for some reason when I open up my Gmail it will automatically scroll down to the second inbox I have set up on it and not my main inbox. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, or have had a similar...
  11. Avenger

    Weird Bug

    I'm running Steam, ESF v1.2.3 on Half-Life and my graphics drivers are updated. This is what happens (a lot, sadly): First, I enter a server and pick my character (I don't always get that far, either), shortly after commencing play, my game locks up as if the server ended (which it indeed...
  12. -Blaze-

    Can't delete MU Online! Weird error...

    Well, i've been playing on a private server for years, it's called OK-Mu. Now i wanted to delete it, but some files from it just can't be deleted. The error is "Cannot delete (filename).bmd: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)." And because of this error, my PC keeps lagging, during the lag...
  13. M

    Weird Arena Map

    It's been a while since I've worked on a map. This map is still a work in progress, though most of the things that need to be added are small things. There's also a number of bugs I need to fix, though nothing major at the moment. I haven't checked the r_speeds yet, but I'm fearing the worse if...
  14. A

    Weird thing

    I normaly dont post but this is like super weird for me >.> How come there was no April fools from the ESF team :no: ? Weird to the max.... ;D
  15. Volrath

    Weird fps problem on my map.

    Well hello, I'm making a huge map for an ESF event here; I set up my compiler following this site: I just made the ground and the sky yet, but I'm having the following problem: When I compile the map with Hammer (F9) and the game autostarts, my fps...
  16. True-Warrior

    Whats a funny or weird gif/animation you came across???

    here's what i found funny........cuz during a scary movie nobody would've done something like this So what's yours :confused:
  17. L


    I don't know but for a while with my 1.3 beta I was getting the old VGUI and no animation even with the basic Goku transformation, then I changed my resolution to 1280x1024 and it suddenly all worked... any explanation?
  18. Deathshot

    Weird Anime Moments [May Have Spoilers]

    I have seen loads of Animes and Read alot of Mangas, and Watched alot of Cartoon Network, and I have found some Weird Things in them. For Example: Naruto on Ben10? Notice: That in the Middle, that is Konohamaru and his Friends from Naruto...
  19. I


    When I start ESF now, the little box comes up saying, "Preparing to launch Earth's Special Forces Inteam version". Inteam version? o_0
  20. JasonX

    something weird happend??

    if i want to play esf then it says client dropped by says this in every servers????? :shocked: