1. E

    2 New Models (Piccolo/Goku)

    heres my new piccolo and goku models, i know they are aroudn the 2000 poly range but that wont actually be a problem inf anyone is curious, piccolo does have sholders beneath the cleak thing, so it should deform as if he didnt have the cloack on
  2. Ryoko

    The Man Who Moves The Morning

    This isn't a very good representation of Vash The Stampede, aka The $$60 Billion man, aka The Man Who Moves The Morning O_o But I tried it. I found him kinda hard to draw though, and it shows.
  3. A

  4. S

    Wallpaper sukkaH!

    created out of boredom... anywho, check it
  5. suicidal_maniac

    Which sig is better?

    Which Sig is better? Sig 1: or Sig 2:
  6. OneWingedAngel


    Ok I was wondering how you can make an Image kinda fade into the background or blend I guess you could say. Please help me I'm useing Photoshop 7
  7. T

    DBAF trunks wip

    yea i still gotta tweak alot and add a head but what do you guys think so far.... it should be fully skinned and animated but next weds..
  8. Guru_San

    Anyone wanna colour this???

    Hey All, let me first off say, Nice work with these Kuyuaga, You have skillz right there. May i also say that Niatu is my chara and Akira is Kuyuaga's could someone (ryoko, hehe) Colour these for me? Id like to see what they are like, Just a question. Thats Niatu Kick @s$ Akira by...
  9. Final Vegeta

    Weird problem

    Hi all i got a problem (DUH) i get an error sometimes that says Cl_entityflushpackket error i dont know what the hell it is and how to solve it, if anybody knows how to solve it plz let me know. Thnx for your help:D
  10. Akhkaru

    My Gohan head model WIP

  11. ZuL

    OMG I have a weird sort of virus... help me out

    Once in a while, when i click "Send message" on icq, the text: I like this, http// ...pops up. It pops up as if it was i who sended it. And it is being sent to almost everyone i chat with... it is quite a clever little virus, as it can be sent to anyone... my anti-virus...
  12. )v(ajin Cell

    I got this really weird message that my game is outdated.

    I made sure that I have the current version. I tried installing it again. What else can I try?
  13. xstortionist

    Finally!! Perfect Cell is Finished

  14. S

    Piccolo wip

    awesome model i hope a talented skinner will skin it.. and i want ti for mah site lol...
  15. S

    Something Weird

    Well, look in all dbz games u have a button to powerup ur ki. but in the series they powerup to get strenght! if they get out of ki they don't recharge it they're just out of ki until they take a senzu bean or something like that. isn't this kinda weird? i'm not saying it should not be in...
  16. NeOn LimiT

    Models to look at!

    Here is a site (by me) of models i been making. feel free to look around and find out more information on "more info". and tell me your getting better. I am starting to skin my models and they are turning out well . please visit>>> 3dsolids -NeoN :p
  17. G

    hollow or solid?

    I am making a model right now, and so far I got the wall to the leg, only problem thing that I need to know is do the models need to solid? or can they be hollow and still do animations? I was thinking they can be hollow because if they were solid the models number of polys would be high as...
  18. fatmanterror

    USSJ Trunks 3.0...kinda

    hey everybody, i fixed ussj trunks up a bit, i think it looks alot better, look at the top of the page all the way down to see how its progressed. well, everybody let me know where to go from here. (in case u cant see that well i made the little part in the middle of his hair like on the...
  19. Mastasurf

    More REAL art

    <img src=""> just a quicky coloring job :0)
  20. B

    Really weird stuff happening

    Let's start at the top. First off, I downloaded Akimbot 2.0 and installed it. when I tried to play esf I got a stupid error message that said "THIS IS NOT AN ERROR: Akimbot found esforces" then half life crashed on me and booted me to windows, as would be expected from an error like that. So...