1. Mkilbride

    Puppy throwing girl*****-on-the-hunt-for-puppy+throwing-girl Wow..aha.
  2. E

    About the throwing tutorial video...

    It mentions that each character will have 'his or her own unique throw'. I haven't played ESF in a while but I don't remember any female characters. Does this mean we can expect to see Android 18, or Videl, or someone else?? Edit: 'doh, typoed 'tutorial' in the title. Can't edit it! :'(
  3. Skyrider

    Throwing Tutorial Preview Video

  4. V

    Amxx Evm 1.8.1 Help

    Welcome to amxx needed help to the standard EVM to EVM amxx version is 1.6.0 and I'm not mistaken I want to change to the newest 1.8.1 because it contains a big old mistakes and August can not upload new plugins such as throwing the EvolutionX.amxx Version 1.8.1 is not working properly Teleport...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Throwing Items in SSMB

    How do you throw items in SSMB?...
  6. Andy011

    Advanced throwing...

    OK it's basically like this: it's not exactly throwing you grab your opponent and you're still able to swoop. When u get to a wall/floor, u can slam the opponent against it. After that, if you still have ki left, u can swoop to another spot and slam him again (that's right, you don't let...
  7. M

    Throwing Suggestion

    Sorry if this has been suggested before but it would be way nicer if you were able to resist If someone throws you,Its SO annoying if someone keeps throwing you and also make the scene go a bit faster.
  8. Chakra-X

    Induvisual Throwing ability

    Currently, I was looking at how similar the throws look. I like how the they grab the person differently, but maybe isntead of just spinning there could be something more. I was thinking about replacing the whole throwing thing for some characters, but people would get angry that just...
  9. |Overlord|

    throwing ideas

    ok , my idea is to take advantage of someone if they run out of ki while doing a swing 1) you could have some some strugg time to do some advanced melee 2) you could grab them by the leg and send them flyying head first and if they manage to hit something they hit it head 1st and it could...
  10. I

    Throwing Things

    Hi You can throw people. What if you want to throw a rock or sand at them to blind and hurt them. This apart from telekenises. Standing still using melee and they radomly chuck a rock at them. Also will be free ki cost. Because you chucking a rock. It should have a charge bar though. or matbe...
  11. Ravendust

    New Throwing System

    If you hate long threads, look away. I like throwing but the way it works is pretty bad, it takes more Ki than a Final Flash and you're not even using ki, just swinging someone around. I suggest a new system whereby during the throwing animation the adv melee arrows come up, 10 for each...
  12. O

    help with Throwing???

    ok i need help with the Throwing resist move i have read the manual and know that the holding primary mouse button will resist the move. But that is not working (the bot that im trainig with trow me every time) ;(
  13. SuperDragonFist

    New throwing suggestion

    ok my idea is to make throwing a fairer move: person number 1: the thrower person number 2: the person being thrown ok what i think is abit strange is when 2 wins and the 2 people be thrown away by unforseen forces my suggestion is instead of being throw away number 2 kicks number 1 and then...
  14. ssjFajita

    Throwing causes Power up glitch

    right after I let go of a person from a throw my char does his "release" animation right afterwards...which is normal. What isn't normal is that if I press the "power up" at the instance that the release happens is that I can power up and the little white lines appear around my charachter well...
  15. SaiyanPrideXIX

    A Throwing Explanation for all the 1.2'ers who take the short bus home from school

    I'm really tired of people whining and pissing and moaning about throw. So here, I made a thread. Most of you don't know this, but in real life, my name is Rob Walker. Because of playing guitar in lots of bands throughout the years, I got a stupid little nickname that people still call me to...
  16. K

    Strange throwing bug

    If you start throwing and highlight a beam weapon, such as ki blast or generic beam, and you throw them, killing them. The top will say "so-and-so killed whoever with ki blast".
  17. V


    i think, throwing isn't detailed with others charackters... in the videos before esf 1.2 released you see the goku throwing vegeta or other char. with goku... throwing is perfects but with others throwing is'nt so detailed... anyway... throw's rotating isn't the right turning, rotating should...
  18. D

    Throwing and perpunch defence

    OK so i got the 1.2 version and red the manual. I playes with bots and i can't find a way to block throws or prepunches. I hold down the primary mose button during throw and nothing happens. The struggle meter just goes up to "losing" point and i go flying. Just when i get lucky and the bot runs...
  19. M

    Throwing Suggestions

    When you are being thrown, rather than just making it a non skill "hope they run out of ki" battle, I have a beter idea... Just like the arrows in the adv melee, Put a never ending stream of arrows ( no randoms, next arrow appears after u select the previous arrow), with a struggle bar at the...
  20. F


    If u throw someone eg Goku, into Someone else, will they both be thrown/hit back, or will the thrown person hit the other person like a tone of bricks and just take the damage from the player it hit rather than a rock