1. D

    I gotta put my thoughts out

    Wow, this is in an incredible mod. When I first heard of it, and realized that it was for Half Life, I scoffed. So many people doing DBZ mods, and Bid for Power, being the best quality one, had died a quick death, and the end result, while graphically stunning, wasn't that great a game in my...
  2. 0


    I hate been thinking about blocking in this game for quite a while. I have been thinking of different things that would give players the ability to block effectivevly, while not giving the defender a clear advantage all the time. My idea is having two types of blocks. The first would be...
  3. M

    The No 1 Martial arts master of the world

    as the title suggests i am modeling a Mr satan. lets not go into the why's, i just am. anyone know of some good referance pics as what ive done so far has been from estimation and memory. and any thoughts on who it should replace. i'll post a pic of it tomorrow, along with some ssj3 hair...
  4. S

    Transformations.. thoughts on 1.1

    I think they should change the transformations for the people who are not saiyans. for example.. cell, freeza, piccolo, etc. because in the show wen they transform they always have 2 go through the screaming and powering up before hand, even wen there pl is high. but in the game, if its high...
  5. G

    skin thoughts

    i am starting to make skins and i have been pondering over wut skin to make, i mean all of the ones people want have been creted. should i do like a tien or yamcha?
  6. Morrone

    My Thoughts On Melee Struggles

    Ok, I'm not sure if or how the ESF Team has decided to add melee struggled but I'd still like to express my thoughts to see what you all think. Head to Head Ok when 2 players head to head each other by meleeing at the exact time there will be 3 things that effect the outcome of the melee...
  7. Fixxxer

    my thoughts on esf bot alpha

    awesome bot blade, but a few errors, mostly they walk on the ground and dont fly, and they dont use melee, other than that it rules. so in beta you should definately fix those and make an option where you can choose wich team to add a bot to, for example in deathmatch you can just type "addbot"...
  8. SCIxX

    Thoughts on beta1

    Tell me what you think about beta1, and how you experienced your first game of esf beta1, as for me I got my ass kicked around the place, but I was capable to score some frags. :devil:
  9. eminence

    MY thoughts on Beta

    It f*cking PWNS!!!
  10. [ESF]zero

    thoughts on the pics...... post here

    let us know what ya think...... p.s. mwuahahaha i posted first p.s.s. yeah im an ass
  11. R

    AS good as it's gunna get

    well.. I've did the last of what I want to do with my Rikimaru... hopefully I'll learn to skin with 3DS max real quick... and that will make it look better... well here it is... I plan on buying a book to help me out with my life of modeling... For being my second model I don't think this is all...
  12. I


    Map i made got bord so i made it -The rocks are all breakable i think i knwo some oare not sure -fixed it so it wont hella lag -]Downloadit HERE] tried it otu its ok pretty fun :) have fun er the link dont work so just go here copy that...
  13. R

    My Thoughts on the Disk....

    Well, I've seen so much fighting on and on about Disk Spammers and such that it has sickened me so much I have almost lost the wish to play ESF. Lets face it, if the disks don't do one hit kills, they're broken apart from DBZ, where they DO insta kill. But haven't you ever wondered about...
  14. R

    My thoughts on the disk....

    Well, if you trimed them out of the one hit kill, then you can't say they're DBZ attacks. Remember what Gohan did when Cell through the Kienzan's at him? He caught them and served them right back to cell. Why not just have the block button catch the disk? Then the one disked at could throw it...
  15. GLOsticks R Us

    ^Check out my artwork-sketch skills^

    Its a character I just made up and trying to draw more of, his name is Yugi Kyo and is a EX-Bounty Hunter wanted as a prisoner. I could Only fit is haed in the forums because the file size was too big, and I don't have soemhting to host it with. I have drawn much more other stuff, And I would...