1. Almighty_Gir

    SSD's, your thoughts?

    so before i built my new machine we were planning to wait with buying it due to technology releases, and were going to just put the cost into the mortgage we're getting in the next couple of months or so (we've planned a fair chunk of "fun money" to spend). but because my old pc went...
  2. M

    H1N1 Virus your thoughts?

    I personaly think it's being way too "overhyped". The only people who should be worried are high priority. For the non-highrisk people it's not such a big deal, sure people healthy people even die from it but regular flu also kills why should this be any diffrent? I would just like to hear you...
  3. Chakra-X

    Your Thoughts on Wikipedia?

    When I tell people I read something on Wikipedia, they automatically assume my facts are wrong. This bothers me because more often than not, the types of articles I read are true. And the ones that are a bit sketchy, I look out for weasel words and if the citations are worthy. The fact that...
  4. Pain

    Your thoughts on Piracy?

    No, not the Somalians. Is it right, is it wrong, is it somewhere in between? Do you pirate software? What do you pirate and why? Discuss. *edit* Let's not discuss methods of doing so though. ;)
  5. VideoJinx

    General Melee Thoughts

    What does everyone think about having a melee with "styles". For example, Goku using punches/kicks would have one fighting style .. while Piccolo had another like.. muy thai for example( Not that this style would be in dbz ) Would people enjoy fighting styles if it didn't restrict a...
  6. O


    I've never spilled my guts like this, but I guess I feel like it. So I'm a normal guy. I've dated girls since high school, when I lost my awkwardness around them. Then I go off to college, single and excited (read: horny). Then in one of my first classes ever, this girl walks in. I couldn't...
  7. Sonic the Vampire

    Why are we here? Share your thoughts.

    I'd like to start a real thread on the topic since the last one ended up butchered beyond recognition. I want to use this thread to hear some of the reasons you all out there believe we're 'here.' Break that down however you'd like, whether you'd rather discuss why human beings exist on Earth...
  8. Ravendust

    Thoughts on the new Metal Gears?

    This is not about the game series, but about the Metal Gear's themselves. Frankly, I think the MGS4 Metal Gear's, 'GEKKO's, are possibly the worst designs. It's like...Metal...
  9. S


    After releasing a few tutorials (approx 15,000 unique downloads) on 3d palace I'm planning to release a DVD which you will be able to buy from the website!!! (the other tutorials are still available and FREE Woo!). Myself and perhaps 2 others (ned some of you may remember) will be working on a...
  10. X

    My thoughts on Naruto

    I remember the first time that Alea and I argued about this. I gave the anime a shot. I saw episodes 1-8 the other day, and the only reason why I went that far is because my friends told me it gets better later on, I thought it was ok. Alot of things I found wierd/lame- -Naruto's eyes are...
  11. J


    I have noticed that the animations and stance of esf needs work, for example when you see the models standing their arms are in a strange position, aswell as when you fall or get knocked back the movements happen to be glitchy. It would also be nice if you made each char have diffrent ways of...
  12. P

    Your thoughts~

    Hi, I'm a long time player first time poster~ My thoughts on the game; I think it's a great adaptation from the T.V show, probably the best adaptation of a T.V show to a game I've seen, up there with Alien vs Predator and all the rest of those... However after playing this on and off for...
  13. DarktoothDKD

    My thoughts on Krillin

    Monkey! he's a monkey! I knew it...
  14. VuLLs

    vegeta thoughts

    this thread is for vegeta users who would like to make suggestions on him... like whats your dream vegeta for the 1.3 patch (make stuff up and perhaps it could be put in!), - um is it just me or is vegeta's hair still have black spots when in ssj form?... could be fixed a little. - also...
  15. L

    Thoughts on ESF 1.2 (Opinions)

    Well i have to say a job well done for the team, no kiddin the best mod i ever played since esf 1.1 Actualy there are several good points, one is that there is less whining goin arround... i see people havin fun while they are bein killed... not to say when in a battle even losin u have a...
  16. A

    New user of ESF (My thoughts)

    Hello. Im a new user of the ESF. And i just wanted to tell u people that this game is great! Its fun and theres lotsa' action in it. I just think that its a pity that not so many people play this game. Because everytime I go to INTERNET GAMES I rarely see a ESF game. Theres like 90% CS...
  17. S

    Fusion Thoughts and Ideas

    Post your thoughts about fusing i think that the fusion should be a char choice like gotenks or veggeto and have a sequence were you see the 2 fuse and then it lasts for 30 mins just like the show then after 30 mins are up you auto world spawn and choose a char and you must wait 30 mins...
  18. S

    New Thoughts And Ideas

    I Myself Live by ESF and I always think of way to improve the game such as my Candy Beam ideas and that was a big hit i have many more I think The Following Attacks Should be considered or Modifyied: Burning Slash Trunks SSJ 2&3 forms Goku and All Saiyans Perfect cell and Final...
  19. A

    New Melee Thoughts (QUICK BEFORE IT FILLS UP!)

    I made this thread because A) the other one is damn long and B) I actually read all 7 pages of it, I EARNED the right to make a new thread dammit! Charge Swooping: I'm with everyone else on this; bad idea. I realize that you want to even the playing field between beams and melee, but as far...
  20. F

    My artwork.

    Gimme a pencil, paper, a scanner, and Adobe Photoshop, and you could get something like this and this. Enjoy.
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