1. Dr.Killer

    recover and swoop near the water

    Hi guys , i thought about it and i found it awesome about this suggestion, so here we go , the recover system allows players to balance the flight after taking a heavy hit and flying at a high velocity without controlling the caracters in the sky, but when you start recovering your player near...
  2. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion swoop melee vs swoop melee = GO FLYING FOREVER be changed! make it cooler.

    Make it cooler looking, and cooler in general by make it how it would be in DBZ.... Both player may hit eachother with it at the same time, and not "fly like i got hit" back, but simply make the player fly backwards facing upright and ready to fight some more. Looks cooler, and is "more...
  3. karatepig

    Can i swoop in 1.1

    Can you swoop in 1.1 esf if you can im not very good at it
  4. Flink_Power


    It's possible to don't stop in a swoop until there is no more ki in esf 1.2 or 1.3? http://forum.esforces.com/threads/74493-Water-Shaders Thank's.
  5. BlueSaiyan

    I appreciate them changing the swoop mechanics!

    Playing 1.3 OB made me realize that it is SO much more useful and user friendly to swoop after only pressing the alternate direction once instead of requiring more double tapping! Thanks for that!
  6. Disguise

    gradual swoop speeds 1.3

    I'm just curious how the swoop speeds change between non-turbo, turbo, and charged turbo in 1.3. I could probably ask a million varying questions about it, so I'll stop myself and let someone knowledgable answer. EDIT: Swoop speeds in regard to how quickly they accelerate and how fast they...
  7. Disguise

    Swoop Speed Solutions

    This is a response to the affirmed result of increased swooping speeds causing an incredible decline in connecting hits. I'd like to brainstorm here what alternative solutions may exist. If traditional 'swoop swarm' combat could only exist in a Non-Turbo state, then what happens to Turbo? As a...
  8. hleV

    Swoop Trail (ESF 1.2.3) AMXX

    Hello. Can anyone provide me a code for AMX Mod X that adds swoop trail to ESF 1.2.3? Thanks.
  9. S

    swoop problems..grrr, ad a misc question

    I don't know if anyone has experienced this problem, and this gets very annoying, but sometimes my swoop just won't start regardless of what direction I press. (up, down, left, right, forward, back) It's not just one time, it just stps working for an extended period of time. (like 3-5...
  10. J

    Swoop and Teleport bugs

    I don't know if this goes here. It's a bug, but it's a patch bug, so... If it doesn't fit here, feel free to move it where it should be. I speak spanish, so don't get horrorized with my english :p. Well, i installed several add-ons for ESF. I installed evolutionX, ECX RC1 and ECX RC2. I'm...
  11. The Deco

    Knockback swoop recover

    Knockback concept: A small bar like 1.2 that indicates what is your condition in recovering. The difference: The bar only represents your character's consciousness\physical condition. When the line in the bar reaches the middle you are STILL in knockback BUT you can recover (stop yourself...
  12. Dalte89

    Swoop Dust Trails etc.

    Nuthin much just wanted to ask if u guys planned on bringing back the swoop trails and making them looking even sexierrrr. Also i wanted 2 ask if u guys wud finally add splashing 4 when someone is meleed into the water really fast, like in the show where a huge blast of water splashes out, and...
  13. Morvin

    Swoop trail disappears...

    Well, I dont know if this only happens with me but when I activate the turbo mode and go to swoop the trail just disappears! I wonder if this is happening with you too...:p
  14. Vladius

    Atack on Swoop

    Hi everyone, Is it real to add shooting Ki-blasts or generic beams when swooping if it is real i'm suggesting to add this P.S. additional Ki burn included :) Thank's for your attention
  15. Prozac

    Toggling flight mode during Swoop!

    Should, in my opinion, drop you out of swoop/dash and let you fall down with the momentum you still had! So you don't have to stop swooping/dashing before turning "flight"-mode off. nuff said, I think
  16. VideoJinx

    Esf 1.3 beta's swoop AINT SO BAD after all

    I remember when I first tried it... i didn't really like it because it felt clumbsy... but what i didn't realize is the "ability" to "pause" a dash and continue it... I thought it was a "GLITCH" and had no idea that was a new feature.. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING, wow it is a pretty good method of...
  17. The Deco

    Swoop, dash?

    Yeah, I started to get mixed up so I gotta ask this stupid question? (But I need to know some how, right?) dashing is double tapping direction or turbo charge flying?
  18. Prozac

    ESF Open Beta 9/9/07 - ( charging ) Swoop length

    we all know swoop works like this you hit shift, charge, then press the direction you want to swoop too. and from my point of view, you "beef up" your power to swoop a long distance. ( please correct me if I'm wrong ) but that doesn't translate to the game at all! because if you hit...
  19. C

    Swoop in groundlevel = running swoop

    when flying groundlevel (swoop) you should start running, then when added a little smokesprites or sandsprites to the steps PERFECT :)
  20. Raven

    Swoop Fx suggestion

    I know that this has been suggested before, but since no one really saw it ingame I wanted to demonstrate it with this video. A fov change and speed lines in straight swoop. Even though i did this for ecx I encountered some problems with the smoothness I could only achieve by putting this thing...