1. john_volkov

    Game balancing sugestion and adding new characters.

    So I have a small sugestion to balance out the character since most of the characters have 2 forms, how about making the 3rd forum to take a longer time to get in that form here is an exemple Vegeta that has only 2 forms SSJ 1 and SSJ 2(or whatever you wana call it) this is like a...
  2. ESCachuli

    Majin Buu sugestion

    I think you know that Super Buu is stronger than Kid Buu (is in the manga, if you doub about it, look, Goku fears Super Buu but he fights Kid Buu). Well, then is a problem: How do you do it inGame, considering that Kid Buu goes from Super Buu? Make him weaker? Then nobody transforms into Kid...
  3. john_volkov

    forum sugestion

    how about you guys make a sepred selection for nations so that we can speak frealy in our native toungs each can have 1 thread with it's won suport if posible, some may not speak english well this way we could help our contry man a lot
  4. D

    Bots in open beta just a sugestion

    listen why dont you guys make a patch that includes the old bots (posibly using new models) and make them work .. only 2 transformation basic bots .. because im shure there are players who would like them included and i personaly would like the old ones as a substitute anytime.:smile:
  5. Snowm@n

    Sugestion transformation process

    This is a minor importance suggestion about transformation animation. Ok lets imagine goku then: Goku decides to ascend for the first time, he makes his animations transformations bla bla bla, BUT when he transforms in ssj make the transformation process last 2 or 3 more seconds while he is...
  6. john_volkov

    Advance melee sugestion

    well here goes Butons Left Mouse buton (LMB) COMBO Right Mouse Buton (RMB) Hit BLOW Block (Q) Arrows (<^>V) Douge Teleport Here goes you swoop into the enemy and you Start the advance melee sesion , first thing you do a small stun so that the advance melee can begin. So the...
  7. john_volkov

    Quick sugestion :D

    oki this sugestion it's about adding Kaioken to Goku normal form only and it works like this Kaioken give you the posibility to do a Charge Turbo whit 2.0 powerlevel multiplyer here's how it will work Goku 1,000,000 PL Turbo charge up to 1.7 (defult turgo charge ) the aura will be...
  8. john_volkov

    hud sugestion

    when you have hud_draw 0 only the hud shoul disapire and the rest sould be the same like it was with the hud on, this might help a lot in making movies.
  9. john_volkov

    sugestion for character menu

    the new character menu sould be like this . When you chose Goku and you have 3 other custom models , other Goku's on the map will look like the Custom models and the custom models will repet them self if there to many it will be verry cool
  10. john_volkov

    some sugestion's for 1.3 :D

    Sugestion for player's and attack: first off buu's candy beam attack it's over poweerd so my ideea is to make the candy beam attack like frieza finger but only for shot distants like it is right now it will do more dmg. Cell sould have finger laser to . Piccolo whit cape sould have...
  11. R

    New Sugestion for Melee

    can you put lock on >> like in Tenkaichi :D ( sorry xD ) but its cool you lock on char and you fast swoop and combo him
  12. john_volkov

    attack sugestion for players maybe balance ideeas

    Balacing and Beam's ideea : 1)Buu Buu's candy beam attack sould be more like Frieza Laser Finger KidBuu sould have a strong Ball attack (similer to Goku Spirit Bomb) and Kamehameha SuperBuu Genocyd Attack sould be something like in anime only a big charge time and drain almost all Ki from...
  13. john_volkov

    Absortion Sugestion

    The absortion sould work like this Trow a body part from you it will have a verry slow speed (the speed of normal krillin or 150 and even slower) The body part ca be controled by croshair if you control the body part you can't move and if you get some on inb the body part you call the...
  14. john_volkov

    Custom models sugestion

    If you have a custom model let's say Janemba it sould have a info about what to replace in game so you don't have to replace Frieza to play as Janemba but you can play as Janemba and Goku to be normal to you to give the impresion that you have more characters , and if some one has the same...
  15. john_volkov

    Sugestion :D

    oki let's start whit simple melee 1.Simple melee sould work only if you hit the RMB to hit not to keep the right mouse buton down and hit like mad,this will give you more skill to make that. 2.Dashing sould not have an aura , and Adroids don't have aura. 3.if you keep presing Teleport and 2x...
  16. john_volkov

    Map sugestion's

    It will be cool that all the map's to have less natrure on them and more rock's fomations cell_games suld have only 5 to 10 tree's and a lot's of rock's to make the fps and ping beter
  17. john_volkov

    teleport sugestion

    I'v just had an idee : when you hit and hold teleport buton down, you will not appear for 1 to 3 sec or for the time you releash the finger of teleport. This will prevent Beam spam if your not there the beam splash dmg can't kill you
  18. john_volkov


    1.hiding pl on deep idle (this help's for the guys who ar afk to have a chanse to stay hiden) 2.normal form to drain less ki and SSj more Ki 3.special camera view when doing something cool 4.adding smoke if you hit the ground (smoke or a sprite of dirt geting of the ground) 5.Adding...
  19. john_volkov

    some small sugestion's

    1.personalizate transformation's to make the asscending part more esf like not dbz like (someting like frieza transformation) 2.remove rolling and makeit more like a tail thing when some one hit's you don't rolle just go staight up 3.the scouter and life gaudge smaler in 648x480 resolution's...
  20. john_volkov

    rolling sugestion

    When you get hit and start rolling down form a montain you sult be invincible to simple melee (to prevent simple melee infinit combo) and when your rolling and some one is next to you you can kick him or trow him fast in the ground